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Competative Clan Recruiting!



Torqu3d Gaming

Brand new competative clan recruiting players and GFX designers and editors! We are going to be one of the best around trust me and give us a try.


- 1.5 k/d or higher (some exceptions)

- Must have mic

- Must be active almost daily

- Must post and take part on youtube channel (HD PVR)

What we have to offer:

- Competative Gamebatles Team

- Elite Team

- Website

- Youtube

- Twitter

- T-Shirts

- and much more!


We really need recruits to help us grow and be the best. If you are competitive give us a try im sure you wont regret it in the long run. We currently have a pro GFX designer working on our Backgrounds and an awesome outro.


If interested email: craysely@yahoo.com or add crazely23 on PSN