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Side Missions

So, what kind of side missions do you want there to be in this game? This includes random events, along with any other side mission you can think of.


Perhaps no balloon saving...

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    To be 100% truthful. I liked saving the little kids balloon.


    I think it would be cool if they had Villain like Rhino doing random crimes. That would be pretty cool.


    And also I would like it if there were hostage situation where you had to go into stealth mode to save the hostages. I think that would be awesome.

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    i think it would be good to have the balloons back in the game, then we coan use webrush to get the balloon in an AAWWEESSSOOMMMEE way!! like spiderman would. Also i liked saving people from falling off scaffolding and stuff, that was fun. or someone trying to commit suicide or falling off a building and having to get to them before they SPLAT.

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    I mentioned in another thread about a marvel zombies mini game or multiplayer. or something to that effect would be awesome.