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Remember Treyarch would give us Double XP and NukeTown 24/7 when the Map Packs Got Released on Xbox? IW Fail at doing anything considerate for their players.

Considerate. What a word. I think we've been more than considerate since launch, waiting, and waiting, and patiently waiting, on anything and everything to get fixed/repaired/introduced etc.


Uber Considerate one might say!


But remember around this time last year, the maps came out on Xbox (Berlin Wall, Discovery etc.), everyone knows Xbox get em early, but 3Arc gave us NukeTown 24/7 and Double XP, exclusive to PS3, and then switched it when it was PS3 turn to get maps.


This is Considerate!!


Remember Free Makin Day? And what an Epic Map that was!


What have we gotten for free(gratis) or just a kind offering from IW? Lag and Crappy Spawns, thats what!


Oh, a measly Prestige Token for something or other. YAY, how kind!


Dont take this as a petty complaining thread, it's not, Im just saying that 3Arc look after us, the players, in little ways, and when you don't get the same treatment from IW you notice it missing, thats all.


Just a little example of how 3Arc > IW in every single way.