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Collection 1 DLC is it worth it?

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    If you are thinking of buying the dlc, my advice is dont.


    Its my own view, but personally I think they are all bad maps, still cluttered, still a mass of corners and camping spots, and still a pain in the arse to see any uav's etc.


    Coupled with the fact that they can sort out a dlc drop, but not clan ops and lag, it strikes me as greedy, Knowing a product is broken and still having the nerve to release content to get more money? shamefull.

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    For $15, why the heck not.  If you play this game, obviously you enjoy it.  Why not add additional content for a nominal fee?  The maps are good, and most importantly, fresh!

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      Agreed I don't get everyone who complains about the maps I literally never hear good things about any map. There will never be a perfect map because not everyone can win every game. I always do well on liberation I have a 3.2 K/D on it (elite) but my room mate does bad on it almost every game he complains about every aspect of the map but i think its just because he doesnt do well. I don't have any problems with any of the mw3 maps yes they are crowded and the spawns tend to do some weird $#!t but I adapt and it's fine. If you don't like the maps or think the developers are greedy don't buy the game... or buy another FPS. Obviously you like playing it if you didnt, you wouldnt be on a forum complaining.

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    I am a big fan of this game. That said, the DLC maps are horrible. Of course thats just my opinion. Pizza is too small and a respawn nightmare because of it.  Liberation is Huge, but there is no cover unless you want to camp in the castle. When you respawn, you are seen  immediatley.  Overwatch is by far the worst map of all of MW3. There are no choke points, there is no flow, just a maze of back entrances resulting in you getting shot in the back the whole game.  Black box looks amazing, but didnt get to play it one time yesterday on TDM as it never came up in rotation.  Spec op missions-pfft.   Basically you're buying DLC for black box, cause the rest is sub par work.

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    i liked overwatch. liberation was good too. black box & piazza weren't working with my shottie though, so i got repeatedly shot to death.


    like always, its not the maps. it's the players. the first few lobbies i was in with overwatch and liberation, i had fun.


    i didnt have so much fun with piazza & black box. the game temp changed too much and i was in shotgun mode. if i had changed up my strategy, im sure piazza & black box could work for me.


    as it is now, i like liberation & overwatch with my USAS 12.


    my CM901 & AK would work well on the other two.

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