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Your opinion of Support.


A conversation on a different board has prompted me to start this thread.  I want to get the opinions of a larger number of people, so I figured I'd bring it here.


In general, players that are good at the game seem to dislike support, because it's cheap, narrows the "skill gap", among other various reasons.


I personally feel it fills a void that other COD's all lacked, and that is a reward for the players who prefer to play the objective and/or not play defensively/camp/avoid the objective the entire game to achieve a high killstreak.  I don't believe support is a bad concept.  I could potentially be tweaked, but it has to stay viable as an option.  I can expand upon this more in depth, but I currently lack time so will do so later.


So, what are your guy's opinion on it?

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    I think that the intention of the Support strike package is fine, but I just see a lot of crazy bastards who run around with no worry about dying (often with their tac insert nearby) [I play a lot of kill confirmed] who go 19 - 25 and drop a stealth bomber and usually a escort airdrop if they can get there.


    I'm not sure that this was the intention of the support package. Instead of encouraging people to learn how to slow the hell down and not die so much, they get to muck up the pace and style of a game and be rewarded for it.

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    I like Support, but I only use it on my LMG class because I'm less likely to get a killstreak with them.

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    I'm definitely not a bad player and I will defend the support package until I'm blue in the face. It is funny though how by defending it though you suddenly become a 'garbage player who only uses the support package because you can't get real streaks.' Most of the people I see that hate it are angry that their streaks are getting destroyed by EMP's and that they die from a stealth bomber.

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    My opinion

    I find most of the rewards in support are really useful and play their part in game just fine, there are only 2 problems I have with the support package, the EMP and stealth bomber.

    If the EMP was removed and stealth bomber put into assault, I wouldn't have problem with it. As it stands I find both of these rewards a very cheap way to play

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    I find it funny how Support hardly does any supporting. UAVs can be earned in Assault way more than in Support, and Stealth Bombers miss most of the time since they can be heard from a mile away. The only thing that really gives you any support is the EMP, and you might only see 1 a game. I don't get why people keep saying that EMPs are unfair though. I actually like when enemy teams run Support because it makes the game so much easier.


    I used to use it because I thought that the xp from using all those EMPs would help me rank up faster. But then I found Specialist and never looked back.

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    I love Support because it makes up for all the bullsh*it induced by Lag Compensation.


    Plus, EMPs to drown out pointstreak spam.

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    I wouldn't say only crap players use support, but it isn't really fair the one guy who goes earned a pave low by getting 12 straight kill has it taken out of the air by someone who going badly negitive and calls in an EMP. There stingers and sams if you want to play anti air.

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    I love support because the recon jugg is there  i just don't see how some one is rewarded on the losing team with bad stats. For example if your gonna use the stealth bomber make sure your trying too clear a path for the flags your team needs and not just trying too get free kills too break even

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    I am 11th prestige level 60 positive kdr ranked just under 20k in dom. 5700+ caps almost 3k defends, and I have no problem with support. It works well in objective game modes like dom. My ratio is prob something like 70/30 assault/support. When I use support more often than not I am able to get at least 2 stealth bombers a game which is the highest I have selected. I play the objective in dom so I am not always able to get level 10 or higher assault kill streaks as I would rather win than hang back trying for a kill streak.


    In kill based games I always use assault streaks as they are game changers.


    I was playing dom against another 10th prestige player the other night who called me a support noob, I called him out and ran a class with 0 kill streaks and my stats were identical in the next game, he still got owned going 8-29 in the game. To be fair I looked him up in elite and he sucked .57 kdr and had his classes set up with assault streaks that he will never reach like pave low and osprey gunner etc. Which leads into my next point below.


    Part of doing well in this game is setting yourself up for success and using obtainable killstreak rewards both on assualt and support. Also knowing how to counter those same streaks if they are used against you. Example the booby trap care package was great fun at first getting all kinds of triple kills for me now it is almost worthless so instead why not throw out some ballistic vests for your team instead.

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