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    Stealth Bomber and EMP are not OP (and no, I'm not a user either. I also use Assault or Specialist).


    Stealth Bomber seems OP because people just either stay clustered together, aren't near cover, or something that makes them more easy targets, but getting kills is also not the Stealth Bomber's primary use. If it does get kills (0-2 on average from what I see outside of named reasons, in which case, that's that team's fault, not the Stealth Bomber's), good for the user, but it does what it's supposed to do; clear a path towards a location, usually an objective, either by killing people or, much more likely, getting them get out of your team's way in that path. This is followed up by the more severe concussion effects of being near the explosions, thus allowing your team to get kills while they're vulnerable, so the Stealth Bomber is supporting your team and not used solely for getting you kills.


    EMP supports the team by knocking out killstreak threats if there's a number of them and by making the enemy players more vulnerable by making their vision all fuzzy, and preventing them from throwing up new killstreaks. And considering it's still an 18 point Killstreak, I'd say it's pretty fair overall, Support or otherwise.


    Both also seem OP because it's not "bad" players getting them "easily", but it's actually more better players simply taking advantage of how Support works because now they don't have to worry about losing their killstreak after being picked off by a random/"lucky" noob/camper/etc when they're just 1 off. Now they can get 1 off, die, and STILL just need 1 more to get it. Those types of players usually have the Stealth Bomber, EMP, and Escort Airdrop as their 3 Support Killstreaks for that reason.




    But if one wants to still keep going as dgaray67 points out, what about the Care Package?


    Sure you COULD get a mere UAV, but the chances are actually quite high overall that you'll be getting something pretty good. A majority of the time, from my experience, I or the enemy team using one, the contents tend to usually be a 9+ point Killstreak (the whole 1% or 2% charts are pretty bogus overall). How exactly is that "fair" to Support users who still have to at least get their higher number of kills when Assault users like me and others can simply bypass so many with just 4 kills (3 with Hardline)? 3 kills resulting in a Pave Low/AC-130/AH-6/Reaper/etc? Even something like a free Sentry Gun or Assault Drone that we don't even have to have delivered like normal, but simply deployed on the spot?

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    dgaray67 wrote:


    if you use uav and care package you're normally a scrub.


    And people wonder why everyone hates the community.

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    Agree with you OP on this. Definitely a very good thing for people who play the objective. I play dom a lot solo and I'm often one of the only ones in the whole game trying to play the objective...so I'll get a kill or two, a cap, but then get killed by some guy killing people nowhere near the flags, not trying to cap or defend anything...it's good that in these types of games, which are extremely common, that I can still get pointstreaks.


    It is also great for using unusual weapons. I never stick to only the ACR and MP7; lately I've been trying out things like the AK-47 and I just stick to support since I know I'll very likely lose battles against ACR's and why get angry over it when I could just use support...

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    deucedouglas wrote:


    I just don't understand why anybody even complains. If someone is going 15-30 in any game mode is it really that devastating that someone called in a Stealth Bomber? Or an EMP?


    If he's 15-30 your team is obviously destroying him with something but it's not good enough. He has to be 15-60 and have no way of stopping it. The rich get richer and the poor just die.

    Duecedouglas, I've been impressed by every one of your posts, because they reflect my sentiments nearly exactly.  This as well, sums up my point of view pretty well.

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    I think the fact that it does irritate the opposing players, is a good sign that it is an effective addition to the game.

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    That's what I've been saying in other similar discussions; the "average" player using Support probably won't even call in a Stealth Bomber or EMP until the match is nearly over where it's really just a desperate move of last resort where it will probably make little to no difference.


    The ones that are able to seemingly spam them out are the more experienced and "better" players who are just taking advantage of how Support works without worrying about that less experienced player/camper/noob/etc getting a lucky kill and interrupting their streak and only padding their own K/D really, not really trying to actually "support" their team.

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    That is absolutely true, Gerbera_kai

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    The only thing i run when i use support is uav and counter uav. support would be perfect if it didn't have a stealth bomber and a shorter emp time span.

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    The Stealth Bomber is fine where it is it's just some players don't use it right

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    The reason I dislike support has nothing to do with the streaks that are in it.  It has everything to do with the fact that you can die repeatedly and still gain a streak.  It is stupid. 


    If support had all the same streaks except the upper tier ones were a little lower in points needed to be acquired and they reset upon death then I wouldn't care about emps or stealth bombers.  I know that the person is good enough to get the streak while staying alive.  When my teams is triple capping a team in dom and they are not able to grab flags and rarely get kills why should the players that are shooting down my teams uavs and air support but dying 20-30 times be able to get streaks?


    They shouldn't