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Come on mister special forces super warrior I know you can step over that little box and get over that wall that is chest high.


Holy **** I dont want to sound like 'ol el presidente or whatever his name is (STUCK...FUCKIN STUCK) but ffs doesnt it piss you off when you get stuck on a ******* box or jump ten times trying to get up a step.  Its like **** my 2 year old would trample this dam box and my special forces guy cant even move.  The worst is the dam little hill on village in front of A.  I have actually had some of my worst rage moments trying to get up that little 18in hill to get to the flag.  I have emptied many LMG rounds into that little hill in a fit of rage.  I cant tell you how many times I get hung up and go what the **** does the mother ****** have jedi powers or something that makes this little cardboard box tie me down like a chain. 


Just ******* so there ya go.