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A game of cheaters

Who else thinks that eventually, all the legit players that don't cheat are gonna stop playing and all that will be left is the cheaters pissing eachother off?


On the PC version, litterally every game of S&D, DOM and HQ I go into there are 1 or more aimbots or wallhacks, probably be uninstalling soon because I'm just so sick of it.




Activision, It's pissing me and thousands others off also, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU LAZY B****RDS!!

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      Why come and type that? what a waste of time, you have nothing better to do? Is your life so empty you go round forums abusing people?


      Grow up and piss off child.


      I don't understand people like you, what must be going through minds like yours, where have all the mature people gone? There's just no need for it.

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        Don't worry about hydregion. he's probably 12 and thinks he knows it all.


        I feel ya though. I dont play pc version but i see the videos. I'm sure its worse then ps3. That lag BS itself on ps3 is enough to make me go insane. I can only pay inebriated anymore.  I will definitely wait a full month to see online multiplaye reviews for the next COD. if its the same as this ****. I'm done.

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          Oh im sick of the cheaters, more than about time to be banning all hackers and cheaters. Sooooooooooooooooo much is wrong with this game anymore. MW3 hasnt been fun to play since the 1st month it came out. After that it started getting hacked. IWard is terrible. 3arch made a crappy game but at least it wasnt hacked so badly. I cannot wait till a company comes out with a game better than this that doesnt CATER to cheaters and takes over. We all have dreams though.

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    its the primary reasons I don't play FPS on PC.  The hackers will always have their way.

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      I think it's about time we did something about that.


      VAC needs to be reworked to ban instant, rather than in waves of thousands. All these cheaters cheat for ages and think they're getting away with it before they actually get banned by VAC. So if they think they're getting away with it, it encourages others to do it.


      If suddenly all the cheaters were banned, the game was clean of them, then people would stop cheating because they know they're getting instant bans.



      FIX VAC! - or Activistion, imploment your own anti-cheat software.