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Do you enjoy this game like you did the others?


I do enjoy this game but no way near as much as MW2 or W@W. Note i started CoD MP on W@W. For me to enjoy this game i have to play with a party so i'm not sitting in silence. Not many people seem to have mics in this game. I also find this game way to easy because the guns are just lasers like the ACR or t95. I understand there are guns that aren't like the m16 or CM901 but you almost never see those. I personally have to use shotguns other then the striker because i like a challange which this game lacks. I liked the weapons in MW2 because every weapon was good in its own right. There weren't any "useless" guns like in this and even BO. Take the m16 and the t95. The m16 reloads ever so slighty faster but who cares. The devs seem to ways make a gun that just seems usless compared to its brothers. I just don't enjoy easy mode very much but i guess they did that for the new players but do they honestly need more players? They might lose more players then they get any ways. Flame troll or agree but just explain your reasons.