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[1GuN] - PS3 Clan Looking for new members!

We are currently looking for new members that like to play both with clan members and against other clans.  Preferred members will join other members in game on their own without the clan leader forming the party, should want to be part of our clan by participating in Clan Ops and Private Matches to help improve the teamwork of its members. Founders/Premium Elite members are "Most Welcome" due to requirements of participation in Clan Ops, though we are also seeking members who have not even signed into Elite as well.


We are currently refreshing our members and look forward to the new incoming members with excitement. I am leaving a link to one of our older posts that explains more about us below. If you are interested in joining us you can leave a reply here, message me via PSN, or send me a forum PM.


Hope everyone is enjoying the DblXP weekend!!