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Player skill-spectrum, question for Bancandy, TLDR inc

Warning: Long post. Ranting. TLDR inc.


First I'd like to preface this discussion/rant stating that this is in no way a elitist bash at certain players, merely observations on what is an increasingly annoying trend, though it is something that has always existed in FPS games where a large majority of the playerbase are casual gamers.

First, it's an accepted fact, due to studies that most people think they're above average at many qualities, compared to others. Which is ironic, considering that most people are,. per-definition, average at most things. This is called Illusory Superiority, the Above Average Effect, and a host of others names. (Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusory_superiority).


Hacking, in Call of Duty, on the PC has been a problem, which we're all aware off. In the most recent title, MW3, it was most rampant during the first months as cheats from MW2, which MW3 was built on, still worked, and MW2 is an abandoned hack-fest. However, due in part to the abundance of obvious hackers on MW2, and the cognitive bias of a lot of current players that overestimate their own level of skill at the game, I've found that any time you do anything above the norm in this game, be it a high score, a MOAB, or anything that's "better" than that of the person on the receiving end, you get accused of hacking. I could rant on how this has to do with the bad trend in upbringing due to some horrible "accepted" pedagogical studies that emerged during the late 90s, early 2000s, which caused parents to overly shower their children with praise and give them an unrealistic view of their abilities but.. let's just leave it at that.


I have a fairly good grasp of my skill at this game. I've gotten MOABs with many guns, playing aggressively.I have a great gaming setup, great headpones, good connection, all of that jazz. I can even multitask and watch my UAV and the rest of the screen at the same time (wow, good boy there). I've also faced players like TheIncredibleOrb, and played alongside players like TBNRFrags. I know and have seen that there are better people out there than me, be it through talent, time invested or whatever other factors. MW3 isn't a very competitive game, especially if you're played FPS shoooter games for many years. It's not hard to actually become decent at the game, since it's designed with casual gamers in mind. It's not CS, QL or -insert your own competitive FPS game- which is populated by people who played it for years end and the game is mostly based around player-skill.


I get called a hacker at least every other game, because someone who's vastly overestimated how good they are, thinks that it's impossible for someone to be better than them.


Everyone can spot an obvious aimbot. Someone that's using a godmode hack. Calling in UAVs at the start of the match. Etc.

But. Most people cannot spot the difference between a really good player, and someone who's decent or better at the game and using a wallhack without being totally obvious about it. I've talked to both VAC-employees and admins on highly competitive CS servers. Spotting someone with a wallhack is VERY HARD, and requires a lot of proof. It's not something most players can do. I'm talking about a non-obvious waller, not someone who's bad and simply keeps foolowing someone perfectly through a wall for 5 seconds straight.


A lot of people like to "blame" things outside of their control for why they die. Connection, lame tactics, overpowered guns. Random ****. And hacking. And some of those arguments might be valid, sometimes.

But take a step back and think for a second. Are you really a top-tier fps player? Is it impossible for someone to outclass you, by far? Actually watch killcams, replays in theater and think. Many people are totally oblivious to their surroundings in the game. Sound, UAV, predicting commonly used camper spots. When I round corners I pay attention to my UAV. Where people on my team died. I aim at places where people like to prone out or headglitch to either camp or cap dom spots. I've gotten kills on people who had the heads-up on me simply because I've played on a high-sensitivity for years and have a decent twitch-reflex and aim.

Take a look at the channels/streams of some of the most popular players. It's possible to be that good. It's possible to get a MOAB without hacking. It's possible to have a great score. And in most cases, unless you're part of the 0.01% elite, it's probably possible to be better than YOU (myself included).


Again, I'm not trying to be elitist, or bashing anyone. Statistically speaking, most players must be average. Law of averages. In the grand aspects of thing, how good you are at Call of Duty doesn't matter. It's a game. Play it to have fun. It's actually okay to not be the best at everything. No one can be. Your worth as a person isn't judged by a score on a scoreboard. It's just really annoying that being above average at this game gets you bitched at 24/7.

I was actually shocked when I got a MOAB the other day and people said good work. Only one guy bitched. It made me think there's still hope for the PC community, and humanity in general for a brief second.


Which brings me to my last point.


I'm really appreciative of Bancandy and IW/Activision's initative to clean out the PC platform, as I like fair play. I'm just afraid that he manual bans are issued by someone who, and I'm not trying to be disrespectful here, isn't that great of a player, on the PC. Spotting and banning the obvious stuff is very easy. I just hope that whoever is judging and administering the bans are qualified for it, and reserves a great deal of judgement for the less-than-obvious stuff. And again, I mean no offence, I'm just very curious as I'm not familiar with whoever it is IW/Activision has employed to monitor and administer these bans.

Oh yeah, and to the clever trolls. I'm not mad. Bro.

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    im in the same boat you're in.  I just ignore them until the end of the round and then simply say "being better than you is not a hack".  The hacking accusations dont get to me near as much as being called a camper in every game.  I run from cover to cover getting kills and whenever i get a kill from behind cover  the inevitable "douchebag camper" gets thrown into the chat.  Just because I try to stay alive in the game doesnt make me a camper.  also if i am camping a spot, you know where i am, so avoid the area or learn how to root out a camper

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    that was indeed a lot to read, but ur text is very good!


    the only way to stop that "********" against u is to disable chat & voicechat. or, like in my case, get used to it so it won't bother u anymore

    i'm getting this "********" since cod1. and that kept going in every cod title...


    like u said, try to have fun in the game



    oh btw, don't listen to ukreaper... he is a big noob with serious issues

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    I've been called a hacker more times than I can count, so I definately know where you're coming from, yet it seems like you're trying to imply that MW3 lagnet is relatively hacker free and that is just not the case.


    In truth spotting most hackers is quite easy if you know what to look for. Problem is most of the people shouting hackusations in game are just upset they died and are not taking any time to actually look and see if it's a hack.


    I actually gave up on playing P2P lagnet, and only play on the unranked dedi's now, but back when I played on lagnet I would see an obvious cheater in just about every other game.


    From the aimbotters who get a headshot for every single kill, (saw at least one of these every night) to the wallhackers who always know exactly where you are despite blind eye + assassin + silenced weapon (simply ask how'd you know I was there, the cheaters are all stupid and 99% of the time will say uav)



    Yes there are a LOT more hackusations than actual hackers, but P2P lagnet in MW3 is also definately jam packed with hackers/cheaters.

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    I'm going to actually venture to guess that the reason people call the good legit players hackers, is because hacks are so ungodly prevalent in the game. There is everything from god mode to armor hacks (which I've been ******** about forever) The game isn't designed to allow people to take 10 hits from a MP7 at close range, not even with ballistics vest on... Anyway, the hacks are out there everywhere, and they're easy to get. That's why people call hacks so often.

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      man you got that right. I saw a bunch of it this weekend, on players that wouldn't like for me to call their names on here... supposed to be Elite players. I have reported 2 so far and I will be making another video or 2 this evening. Well the E8 clan are a couple of them.It's becoming a hobby for me Nailing wall hackers is difficult, but with the time a patience you can do it. I first go through and register the times they don't have UAV, and then spec them during those times. It's amazing to watch them turn and watch tangos through walls. They have the discipline to wait until they can see them, but it's obvious what they are doing, when you know what's going on. Bottom line... There are NO elite players... only cheaters.

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    It's a problem with this game, often people do get accused of cheating wrongly, there are some simple reasons which require some fixing but we are unlikeley to get any of them.  There is no mini map in kill cam, so you do not know what the accused can see when it happens, on the dedicated servers there is no minimap in spectator mode, unless you press esc, but even then it takes up the whole screen.   Theese games were made for cheats and honest players are suffering for it.

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      Yep, i agree, Considering they now they have "bancandi" out here asking the community to supply them with video of cheaters, We should have some proper tools. uav should be up in killcam & we should have 1st person theater.


      We can't  show them the "less obvious cheaters" because theater is 3rd person and almost immpossible to really scrutinize what just happened, So the only people getting banned are the auto turret like aimbotters spinning from target to target nailing headshots.


      Meanwhile the new aimbot's dont stick like glue to the enemies 1 body part, newer bots like the ones that thousands of users are paying $39 a month for chooses between a few body parts to make it look real, I can go on & on about how many setting these aimbots that cost $39 per month have & how realistic and pro i can look using them.


      Again I agree, "These games were made for cheaters" 3rd person theater after a decade of mass online cheating? Seriously wtf? and now they are actually asking us to use this to submit footage of cheaters to bancandi, wasn't the 1st person theater  in the last cod better for doing this? Sorry, I'm lost.

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        Very good point


        Hacking has only gotten worse and worse as the CoD franchise has progressed, and they go and make the dumb **** decision to make theatre mode 3rd person only and remove any real chance of using it to spot hackers.



        That combined with their stupid ass decision to force P2P lagnet and use VAC (which it is very well known by Activision/Sledgehammer that VAC does not work with P2P lagnet)


        And don't forget that when they finally do put someone on the hacker problem it's one ******* person, who basically can't do **** unless you have video of a very obvious cheater.


        It's really starting to look more and more like they have deals with the hack providers for a cut of the profits from hack sales. Why else would they make it easier and easier for people to cheat undetected.

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    @ DrDouchebag ...


    Well said. It is VERY hard to catch hacks/mods/cheats but, like you said, it is just too easy to jump to a conclusion.


    Just as a helpful suggestion to folks: If, out of ten matches you play, you think someone was cheating in more than one of those matches? You may want to re-evaluate what whether or not you're "above average."


    Lag related issues, while I think a lot of those are caused, are not always the result of cheating.


    It took me a pretty good while to adjust to playing at a higher sensitivity setting ... but I think most players would be impressed with how much it improves their game. If nothing else, there is a psychological effect it has on other players.


    But I do have some questions ...


    What is an average player?


    Above average?


    Below average?


    If you find it difficult to finish in the to three in the lobby when you are playing solo, but you easily finish as the top player when you are in a party ... are you an above average player?


    I always wonder about those questions.

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      nuttin2say wrote:




      It took me a pretty good while to adjust to playing at a higher sensitivity setting ... but I think most players would be impressed with how much it improves their game.

      What do you mean by higher Sensitivity? That sounds like a console statement...

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        batmanCOD wrote:


        nuttin2say wrote:




        It took me a pretty good while to adjust to playing at a higher sensitivity setting ... but I think most players would be impressed with how much it improves their game.

        What do you mean by higher Sensitivity? That sounds like a console statement...



        mouse sensitivity...

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          I see. I have found my sweet spot, which I would consider medium I guess. I use a Razer Mamba on 2200. I also use a pad under my upper forearm, to keep my wrist of off the pad, so I can make big sweeps. The lower sensitivity is better for accuracy... for me. But once you commit to a sinsitivity, it takes a LOT of practice to make that automatic and accurate. I play a LOT of MW2, Solo, O Cristo Redentor for practice, and I have beat the IWNet Best on that The screen shot is in my pics:)

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    To spot a cheater, one must watch kill cam repeatidly to determine if that player is indeed cheating.


    There are a lot of factors to be considered.


    1. aimbot,

    I'm sure a lot players have encountered this. But however have encountered something similar?

    ex. one player kills an enemy, before his hit marker goes away, he immediately target an other enemy. This will cause hit marker keep registering instead of a searching new mark. This will make the player looks like aimbotting. This issue plays in a lot in a hip fire situation with mostly SMGs.


    2. Wallhack,

    There are rather a few situation that can make a player seems wallhacking.

    - eScrambler equipment, when your radar goes blury to blank, you know you are nearing an enemy and be careful about it.

    - Sitrep, any kind of equipment and mine can be detected by this pro. When you see an enemy equipment, you know to be more careful and tose a nade or two to check out your route.

    - UAV and AUAV, legit prefire is not unheard of especially in corners. You will often see player jump out of a corner to prefire and kills an enemy. You ask yourself "how does he knew?" The answer is, he doesn't. he see some red dot on the radar coming close to a corner, so he fires preemptively to make sure he has an upper hand.

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      I have a video of a player last weekend on my youtube that obviously has the Radar or ESP hack. There was no UAV, but he apparently had UAV all the time. At least he wasn't seeing the red squares. Another player on his team was. That player had the discipline not to shoot through the walls, but you could see him watching the player on the other side of the walls. I'm not suppose to name folks on here, but it was a well known clan. I bet they don't know one of their leaders is hacking. That's why I say, there are no Elite players, only cheaters. There are some very good players, and I acknowledge them when I see them. I have made some very good friends that way:) But after a few thousand hours, you know the difference, even if you can put a finger on it:)