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Like GIGN or to chill and play with friends? Join the GIGN Elite Force Clan! (Xbox 360)

Well, there are no requirements to join, just message me on xbox live with a text message that you want to join and ill send an invite. our clan is barely level 1, if you are a founder with clan xp, that would be awsome to help the clan! But if you arent, its alright, the only things that i ask my members to do is that when clan operations start up again, that you help the clan by trying to earn some clan xp because we are trying to aim to get the gold clan tag, but first the clan title at level 5. So join up today! Remember, best way to contact me is through my GT: XxEliteSniper91


-We are strong, we are fearless, we are the GIGN Elite Force! Servites Vitae!!!