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Like the GIGN or fun? Join GIGNEliteUnit141! (Xbox 360)

Join GIGNEliteUnit141 to become part of the most elite people on earth! (Not really)

Requirements: NONE!!

If you love the GIGN, or just want to have fun, join up! This clan has just started, but we have already 4 members and are aiming to get the glamourous golden clan tag, we need YOU!! Join up!


NOTE: Best way to join is send me a message through xbox live saying that you want to join, or just post something down below! I cant add new people to my friends list, but i can make you part of a fun and friendly clan! Remember, message me through live (text) or post below. We need more members so sign up now!


-We are the elite, we are fearless, we don't stop for nothing, we are GIGNEliteUnit141!


P.S. You don't need to be a premium member to join and there is NO K/D requirement or level requirement