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Lets give Treyarch a list of things to patch.




Akimbos need to be balanced...still over powered expecially the akimbo fmg9s


LMGs need to be buffed to 3 shot kills (the LMG buff for Xbox)


Matchmaking could be fixed a little; I have no problem with it.


No recoil glitch is more annoying than helpful- needs fix


CCP sensitivitiy is corrupt and needs to be fixed


Chickens are still OP on Seatown....(FFS they have god mode..)


Fix to where assualt killstreak values cannot be in support killstreak (prevent people from hacking somewhat)


Allow 2 Escort Airdrops at the same time (if you call an Escort Airdrop in while another one is leaving, it won't come in...)


Lag compensation NEEDS to be removed (if you have a 1 bar connection, you deserve 1 bar results)


Player collision is still an issue I find annoying at times, but I could careless if it is fixed or not


Dead man's hand (AKA Osama of Mw3)'s range needs to be nurfed...this is technically a portable MOAB.


Fix to where camo is viewable in third person (seeing someone elses camo while looking at their gun when they are right by you)


Type 95 had nothing done to it; kills in 2 shots of the 3 shots in a burst


Thanks for reading my wall of things that need to be fixed.


NOTE-  To all you guys complaining about the Missile Crisis of Mw3  (AKA Predator Missiles): It won't be removed, because if they wanted to do that, then the game owuld have to be re-released.


Feel free to comment on things that need to be fixed. I'll try to update the list as soon as things are posted!

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