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    shotguns are pants til you level them up, and thats when they can be really OP if you know how to use them. If they started initially powerful too many people will then use them, making it another problem.


    simply, if you want to use a shotgun, you would level it up, but many just want instant power and dont get it.


    example: AA12 is hard to use, low range/power but once you get range/damage, its near unstoppable (my favourite shotgun, only had 3 MOABS with it though)


    typically, i think keep em as they are, that way only those who really want to use one will have its power, else it will be another FMG9 issue all over the forums.

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    Obviously this guy hasn't used/seen someone with a striker.

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    I think that the shotguns are unbalanced with their range. For examlple, in I used the Model 1887 last prestige, at medium range I usually got OHK with the enemy having no previous damage, for close range it took at least two direct hits 90% of the time. Same with the other pump action guns, I'm not saying make them crazy powerful, but for the pump action shotguns NOT to kill someone at near point blank range in the face? That's a bit ridiculous, I usually don't use shotguns, except for the Striker as my n00b class for people camping, but they should fix some of them. For when I use my shotgun I usually equip it mainly like a sniper class, for example:


    Pump Action Shotgun,

    Machine Pistol,


    EMP, or Flash Grenade,

    Sleight of Hand(pro),



    Support Class,


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    The Model is fine without Damage or Range. Ofcourse its better with either of those, but the gun is still pretty effective in its respectable range without either of those proficiencies. Kick is a good one to use with the Model, I find.

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    Everyone who uses shotguns knows they suck. Too many biased people [look above] and the dev's own incompetence is preventing them from being viable weapons. As is they are just wasting memory that could have been used for the 74u model they have in Spec Ops

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      The 74u was the most used weapon in BlOps because no matter what you always got great kills with it. I mean I did love it, but I'd rather have the MPK5 from BlOps, and some of the W@W rifles in MW3. Shotguns are good guns on the smaller maps, or as a secondary primary  on the larger maps for when you run into groups. I personally don't like using automatic shotguns(except Striker for my n00b class), I like the delay of the pump shotgun so it gives the person I'm killing a chance to fight back.

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    i dont think shotguns suck, i just think people are too impatient to learn how to use them/adapt their playing style to use them. and i always use mp9 silenced for long distance since its better than most primaries.