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Am I glad double xp weekend is over

The amount of corner campers out this weekend to try and boost their kdr and kill streaks for a bit extra xp. Looking at the kill cams and all I see is some **** hard scoping down down a corridor or hide behind a wall. God I hate campers.

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    Guess you should find a different game then, double xp or not, they will always be there.

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    I had a good time because i would run around and flank them. I also had my clan MU$K help watch my back so i could continue my killstreak. By the way, MU$K is recruiting, message puspuler on PSN or post on our ELITE clan page, no tryouts requiored!

    We are...

    Rank: 16

    Level: 1 (because for some reason we arn't recieving our founders xp yet)

    Members: 12 for now

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    Not that I use sniper rifles, but what is with all these dickheads complaining about Hard Scoping and Quick Scoping... For christ sakes you idiots how the **** are they meant to use the gun then? I can understand people complaining about QS but seriously when I hear "OMG... WOW... YOU WOULD HARD SCOPE, TRYHARD" I just want to reach into the tv and strangle them.... It's the dumbest thing i've heard people complain about so far.


    Get a life, grow a pair and put your FMG9's away. Noobs.

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      Your dang right DZAdb...


      Their Complaints

      I hear others complaining about everything...

      1. UMP45? What? You are such a N00B!

      2. Why would you put thermal on a Scar-L? Idiot!

      3. Stop quickscoping! And don't even think about hardscoping!

      4. He would use a throwing knife!


      My Answers

      1. What? Are you mad because you suck at using it and he is good? Get a life.

      2. Thermal is a fricking attachment, it is there for a reason.

      3. Well Mr. KnowItAll, how should I use it, barrelshove? Could do that. You won't like it!

      4. Throwing knifes take skill, I bet you couldn't!


      Kind Regards,


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    You guys do know it's still double weapon XP...  At least that's what it says on my screen right now.  Double XP now through Wednesday..whatever that means.

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    Because real USMC snipers always like to stand out in the open, right?  And they NEVER sit with their scope leveled for 20-30 minutes at a time, right?  They probably never bury in and let folks walk past them either, just to see if they got a buddy to get a double kill, right?


    Personally this game needs much more attention to actual realism than 'camping snipers'; which is the job of a sniper.  But Im sorry that I piss you off so deeply when I throw on my Margarita set-up... OORAH 33 Area!!!