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    RIght on, I can understand that. Yeah, I would love a Peter Parker suit in ASM but it'll depend on whether or not Beenox sticks to the "we want you to feel like Spider-Man and not Peter Parker." Even though feeling like Peter, too, can be a really fun, human aspect of Spider-Man games!

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    The only human aspect of Spider-Man you get is when you go to your apartment and talk to Gwen. Thats not enough for me as a lover of roleplaying (no I dont dress up or roleplay IRL but I like to roleplay in games).

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    its not hard to get on that, im sorry you lost your disc......... but i feel that beenox will support this as this is their first open world game.

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    They won't put a Peter skin in the game because beenox doesn't have the license to put Andrew Garfield's face in the game. Think, why do you think they made it first person in the first mission?

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    Gwen Stacy doesnt look like Emma Stone either, only has a few similarities. Shouldnt be an issue with Peter then.

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    Right, I mean that playing as Peter would BE a human aspect of the game. Beenox just wants us to feel like Spider-Man and Spider-Man only, but that takes away one of the best parts of the character.

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    I'm trying to carefully phrase this as disappointment and not anger. I'm not mad because the PC version will definitely have it via mods. So I'll get the costume, it just sucks that Beenox didn't do it themselves.

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    Beenox, Activision, Shaba, anyone would make the mistake to say "we just want you to feel like Spider-Man", because Peter IS Spider-Man. To truly feel like Spider-Man we'd have to be able to be Peter.

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    Fully agree with this. If they want us to feel like Spider-Man they should give us the opportunity to actually play Peter Parker too. Because just freeroaming as Spider-Man makes you feel less like Spider-Man IMO. You have no way of escaping the suit and imho being Spider-Man is not just about swinging around in the Spider-Man suit, it's also about being a normal guy that has every day struggles too. And they fully remove that part by not even giving us an interior where we switch to Peter Parker (like SM2/3 did).

    You can bet your ass on the fact that I would spend more time in a Peter Parker outfit walking around the streets than I would in a suit swinging around (it simply makes the game more exciting if you can put the suit on when a crime happens and you are not always forced to wear the suit when there is nothing to do -> yes I like to roleplay).

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    Same here! I agree with everything you said, and if I had a Peter Parker option, even if it would just be a suit, I would still walk around on the sidewalk as Peter, then duck into alleyways and climb up the wall to the rooftops. Used to roleplay like that back in USM with the Parker Hoodie costume.