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[BLG] BlackListGaming Wants YOU!

BlackListGaming Wants



Short and Sweet:


Register at www.blacklistgaming.org, submit our application under the application forum.

Once that is finished, you will receive an invite on ELiTE.




Long and Detailed:

Blacklist Gaming's structure is based on 3 key ingredients.



We are a family. We are Blacklist Gaming.We expect all members to be an active part of the community. We know our peers by name, not gamertag and pride on keeping our clan closer than majority of the 21st centuries families. An active community is the easiest way to become stronger as a group. In order to grow as a team, and not as a bunch of gamers, we need active and dedicated members who can offer something to the clan.



We are a family. We are Blacklist Gaming. Joining Blacklist Gaming will grant you access to updates on pretty much everything gaming, and even a little more. We come together, and every individual has something unique they bring to the clan. With over 70 Active Members, and over 100 registered members, Blacklist Gaming has a little bit of everything you need to know, plus some you really dont need to know. United we stand, as Blacklist Gamers.



We are a family. We are Blacklist Gaming. We expect every member to treat others with the highest level of respect. Now, we dont mean to say go as far as obsessively loving somebody, just respect others opinions and ways. If somebody is of lesser skill, there is no need to put them down. This is where we come into play as administration and policing of the clan. We have training teams who offer tips and tricks, and basic knowledge about majority of the game types. There is no reason to treat anybody with less respect than another member, and we pride on having all members treated equally.


We Will Provide YOU With:


Social Networking Updates

You can find Blacklist Gaming on

Twitter: www.twitter.com/BlacklistGaminq

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Black-List-Gaming/198498726852598

YouTube Channel, and Equipment to Help your Channel






Tips and Tricks

We offer trainers for majority of games on majority of consoles. All information is in the forums!


Gaming information

We have guys who attend conventions and get all of the news on up to date games and releases!


An Overall Fun and Active Community to Take Part In!


If you are sold on becoming a member of Blacklist Gaming, please head on over to www.blacklistgaming.org, register, and fill out an application.


If you are not yet sure you wish to be a part of our level 13 ELiTE clan yet, feel free to contact me, xNeFFSaiDD on XBL, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


See You Around,



-      Jamie, xNeFFSaiDD

Blacklist Gaming

Xbox360 Platform Command

Recruitment Second in Command