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Some suggestions.

Hello forum,


It's been quite a long time since I posted here mainly because I've been way too busy and played a lot less.


Now after playing quite a bit on the new patch and reading the patch notes I was quite happy with the weapon unbalances getting fixed, but after playing online I feel there are still some small tweeks that could be done.

GREAT JOB on the Assault Kill streaks, they are so much better now, you can actually get kills now. My KDR actually went up by 0.35 because of this, Attack Choppers and Pavelows actually get kills. THANKS


Now to the fixes.


=> Akimbo Machine Pistols and Steady Aim <=

The akimbo machine guns still have crazy accuracy on a mid-long range, and are still a bit too powerful on short ranges (but they should excel here).

So a small fix I would suggest is, add more spray to Dual Wield/Akimbo weapons. It seems that going for akimbo has the same spray pattern as having a single machine pistol without aiming down sights (ADS).  And adding Steady Aim will give you quite a lot of accuracy when using Akimbo weapons.


So Akimbo "attachment" to Machine pistols, should add 1.5 - 2.0 of the CURRENT spray radius, and steady aim on Akimbo Machine Pistols should only bring that back to 1.25 spray radius of the regular hip fire single Machine Pistol.

This would reduce the accuracy on machine pistols big time on a medium range and effectively making them useless on long ranges. Short range they will still work, but to a slightly lesser extent as spray radius is not huge on short ranges but increases heavily with distance.


Anyway just a suggestion, on the next one.


=> Dark Spots and Player Names popping up. <=

Some dark locations have already been cleaned up quite a bit and it was really really good because it helped keep players from abusing the dark positions like the dark room in Resistance, it was quite impossible to get a shot in when someone hid there, but now you can see them if you have proper gamer eyes.


However it is still quite an exploit on certain maps, where dark spots still linger.

Dome's bunker location has some spots (corners) that are quite dark and a player that goes prone is really tough to watch so adding a slight (very very light) tweek here would help out a lot. Another spot is the building close to the chopper on Baakara (the building to the right if you look at the chopper coming down the main street) you can go upstairs and aim down the main street but the lighting there is a bit too dark yet you can still get a nice aim, however, the lower story of that same building inside has a corner (right next to the broken down car) that is extremely dark and is impossible to see a player hiding in there even if you are standing next to the stairs (thats like 3 yards away).


A small fix to this would be to make the player name pop up a little bit faster and easier when you are really close to the enemy player even if you don't have your aim-reticle right on top of the player. A slightly better fix would be to light up a little bit this locations.


=> Explosive damage on Lethal Equipment. <=

First of all, GREAT JOB on nerfing the noob tubes, they are pretty annyoing on other games because you can easily get kills with 1 shot without placing it properly, now it's quite hard to get a kill with a noobtube and its a really good balance. However, the Lethal grenades could use a small fix, mainly the Bouncing Betty and the Semtex. Having one of these explode anywhere farther than 1 feet maybe 1 and half feet will do damage but not get you the kill which in turn does not effectively block down an area.

Someone with Extreme Conditioning and a light set up (sub-machine gun with pistol) can run right past a Betty and run far enough to take damage but NOT die. It's a bit annoying to drop your Betty and make it worthless due to someone running past it without the real Perk Counter to it i.e. having Stalker Pro or Sit Rep which directly counter the Betty.


Small fix, increase the blast radius for Semtex by 1.25, and the rise speed of Bouncing Betty by .5 seconds or maybe just 0.25 seconds.


Anyway, thanks for reading.

I hope some of these suggestions get a look from an admin or someone.

Please post if you have other issues that could get fixed by minor tweeks.


Look forward to reading responses. Leave a like if you want some, one, or all of these ideas.

Thanks again

See ya online

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    I personally think everything is fine with explosives, agree w/ the rest though.

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      Yes the explosions on Lethals aren't game breaking, it's just a small tweek that could help.


      I stopped using betties when I noticed I could just run past em with Extreme Conditioning.


      But yeah explosives are almost perfect.

      Glad you agree with everything else,


      Any other issues you see?

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    First i didnt know you back the nbut i now know you rock Second i will post this link the next time i talk to a activision support.

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    I think you have the FMG9 fix idea the wrong way round, it isn't their accuracy that makes them a problem.....it's the fire rate. The lack of a tight bullet spread is actually part of what makes them so deadly, people don't so much aim with those things as just spray by waving the WiiMote and the fire rate means a swing from right to left basically creates a wall of bullets. I'm not saying increase the accuracy by the way, just that fire rate is the way to properly nerf them.


    I also think explosives are just fine the way they are, bettys/claymores do just fine on people not using Stalker Pro and the fact that you have to be accurate with nades is fine by me. Dark corners are definitely a pain though.