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Fearless Titans (New Clan) - Looking for members/founders. [Xbox360]

What's going on everyone, My name is Tyson and I'm the CEO/Founder of FT (Fearless Titans) --

Fearless Titans is a new clan, and we'll be doing some cool shitnaz!



All you need to join the clan is:

  • A Microphone (Turtle Beachs, Xbox Mic etc.)
  • 1.00 KD/R  and above
  • Able to have fun!!!


Things I don't mind when your in my party/clan;

  • Yelling - I may yell occasionally, I don't care if you do, most do it anyway.
  • Swearing - This is something everyone does, Having fun swearing who cares.


Things I do mind when you're in my party/clan.

  • Squeekers - I'm sure most if not everyone can agree squeeky people are annoying, tho the acception can be allowed.
  • ******** - I mean torwards eachother, we don't need that do we? Please don't if you can help it!.



When we have atleast 10 people we will start clan operations. My previous clan and I placed 2nd in most flag captures in Domination, so I've played them before, and their fun.
Message me for an invite or request to join... Gamertag found below.






A little about myself:


Name: Tyson
Age: 18

Sex: Male

Console: Xbox360

Gamertag: Fearless Hobbit

Hobbies: Heavy weight training, Gaming, Swimming and Fishing.