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Hello everyone...well ive been thinking about starting or maybe joining a clan..now im no expert by any means..and my kdr is a sucky .034..lol...im mostley a kill confirmed player..hence my user name.  i do play other modes..rarely..but all i care about is having fun..thats it!..i do not rage quit..or yell into the mic like a banshee..i am a adult..44 to be exact..and a founder member since january...my rank is prestiege 1 level 80...could go higher but ive leveled up quite a bit of stuff and dont wanna lose it all. i would really like to join some mature folks clan...who play just for fun and dont kick people for not being an expert at this game!  because i do know there are some straight beast mode guys out there! and i commend you! you guys rock! but all of us are not that beast! lol...and i dont care for sore losers at all...if you win..so be it..i will be the first to tell you...GOOD GAME GUYS...lets go again!  if you are interested just let me know.  thanks guys!  (you beast mode guys rule!) 

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    oh ok...i get it...lol...so kdr does matter...remember all of you sucked at this game at one point..

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    Of course KDR matters. I always said it has. But thanks for proving it matters to those who says it doesnt.

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    You can join the clan I'm in or just join in with me on a match, I'm older too and I have fun playing.

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    APTO are recruiting. We are a new clan, with the majority of players with low K/Ds. We mainly play TDM but do play other modes. We are a clan that enjoys a friendly/fun game, so if you're interested take a look.

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    I'd recomend the APTO guys mate, I played in a few friendly clan games with them last night and they were all very pleasent lads.. dam they can defend a bomb site. Lol

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    Your more than welcome to join our clan, 3volution we play for fun and don't really care about KD, some in our clan have good KD's some have worse than yours, but we all play together and are around 25 - 40 years old.


    If you would like to join just go onto the forum www.3volution.forumotion.co.uk and introduce yourself. We have players on every night from UK/Europe and US.


    Come and join us for a couple of games see if you like it, if not its no problem



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    It would be best to post in the Clan Subforum before you get this thread locked.

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    ok..wow..thanks for the invites guys...i will definetly be checking some of you guys out.and thanks again for responding...i was beginning to think this was a cold dark place..lmao!

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    Tactical Carnage Wants You!

    We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome! Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from.

    Our clan plays a variety of game modes, including: TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination, etc.

    Supported Games:

    Modern Warfare 3

    Battlefield 3

    Gears of War 3 (Xbox)

    What we can offer you:

    +High quality website & forum

    +Competitive teams

    +Our own social networking site! (Social.TacticalCarnage.com)

    +Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms


    +Leadership opportunities

    +Product/Game reviews

    +Youtube channel


    +At least 14 years of age (17+ to join staff)

    +Team Player

    +Working Headset/Mic

    +Willingness to maintain activity in the community

    If you’re interested in our community visit us athttp://www.TacticalCarnage.com and click JOIN! Happy Gaming!

    -Miss V