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MK46 Ferocity!


I have played with a few of the LMG's early in the games release but then I put them down because of the obvious drawbacks to there use. Yesterday, I decided to try the MK46 for a while. It was pretty good until I was able to add rapid fire. Is it me or is this gun just insane with the following attachments:



Grip + rapid fire



(Whatever you prefer)

Steady Aim


I know it can be annoying to move around with LMG's but has anyone else used the stated set up and had a reaction of "holy sh*%!". I know it's not for all gametypes but I am wondering if anyone else has been surprised by this weapon with these attachments.


Please share....

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    i use  the l86 with grip and silencer

    blind eye



    if im not using that then its the l86 with quick draw grip and ir sight. the guns a beast

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      I will give that a try again. I only used it up until rapid fire and that gun does not need rapid fire period! It fire's so fast that the hit detection is off with that gun!

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    No no no.... Silencer w/ grip. Quickdraw and stalker. You can use SOH but it really isn't necessary. If you can use up 100 bullets but can't find a good place to reload then you're doing it wrong.

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    Ive been saying it for months, even before the LMG buff.. these guns are awesome with the right setup. Add Grip+Rapid fire to any LMG and you have a beast. I liked using SoH, Quickdraw and Marksman. I also like running it with the Specialist package, because an LMG with all perks and all proficiencies is pretty devistating.