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♔  Killed-on-Spot Clan is Recruiting. We are a Lv. 16 Clan with 58 members  ♔





The Killed-on-Spot clan is recruiting players for the xbox 360.

  • We are level 16 and have the first and second set of clan titles.
  • There are a total 58 members right now.
  • Our clan K-D ratio is 1.10.
  • We do compete in many different clan operations, play together, and we dont discriminate.
  • We are a very loose clan with not very many rules unlike alot of clans out there. Were just here to have a good time.


As soon as we hit clan level 20 we get 4 HOURS DOUBLE XP, so hurry and join before we get there!


To join visit www.killedonspot.webs.com make an account WITH YOUR GAMERTAG and leave a comment in the forum and will add you as soon as possible.