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Is MW3 servers down?

It won't let me play D:

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    All PS3 COD servers are having issues right now.  I've called Activision on it this afternoon, they are working on it and are aware of the problems.  It's across all PS3 versions of COD, including Black Ops. Wouldn't hurt to contact Activision Customer Service on this either, just to make sure they stay on top of it.

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      Pretty sure the problem is throughout all of Ontario..


      I live in Toronto, and I too I have the same problem..

      It started yesterday sometime after 3pm..


      I've spoken with activision and they say it's a rogers problem, seems like everyone outside of Ontario is playing just fine.. They said they've had a lot of calls from Rogers Customers in Ontario who can't connect to Black Ops and MW3 servers.

      Rogers says everything is fine... ofcourse... and that the problem is on Activisions end....


      I have a friend who lives about a 5 minute walk from me, he's with Rogers and is playing online right now....