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hackers on mw3

How does activision save your online progress? and how often do they save it?

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    I doubt it impossible to make a game hacker, that as far as pc platform is concerned, I play call of duty since 2 and I have all the games. of this saga! but there is always themw2 hacker is a poruqeria play until players are flying in the maps, as I'm concernedthere are 20 doalres thrown away. MW3 is now with the other crap with cheats ... It's a very good game but that those who **** with their **** disparon and killed over 100 and neck die ... maybe as far as consoles there are no cheats pc is worse in a filthy! hopefullybetter this and suggest to those of steam. do something about it because the truth isanother 60 dollars thrown to hell because no one can play with both ragged ... hopefullyhelp us and report it to see how our money is returned at least in the MW3 thanks