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Want a true clan experience? We're Our Only Enemy [W2OE] is Looking for PS3 Players!


Clan Website: www.w2oe.com

Clan Name: We're Our Only Enemy

Clan Tag: W2OE

Clan Founded: Novermber 2011

Founded by: W2OE_Prodigy




We're Our Only Enemy was formed in 2011 by W2OE_Prodigy. We are an active and dedicated clan on both the console and our forums. We run on PS3 and we are currently running on Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 . We are also running small squads on some of the less popular games. As a clan we will be moving onto all the new big releases as they come out.



Our website and forum is a big part of our clan as a community. We use our forum to communicate with the rest of the clan. This helps get to know each other, organize tournaments and events between clan members and other clans, discuss all of the different games and just to have a general chat about anything. As the forum and website is a big part of our clan to stay together we are needing all of our clan members and new recruits to make sure that they can access our website and forum to stay in contact.


How to apply

Go to our website at http://www.w2oe.com. When you get onto our forum click register (make sure you register with your online name that you game with to save confusion). When you have registered to our forum go to the Applications area and post your application to tryout. When a member of staff sees your application they will provide information on who to add and what is expected of you. We look forward to seeing you!



1. Must be 16 years old or older.

2. Go through our Evaluations (tryouts).

3. A 1.0 kd is the minimum you must have to try out.