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After entering prestige mode, what do YOU do?


So I wanted to start this thread as an advise column for anyone that dreads resetting their stats and entering prestige mode.  We can all admit that when we hit level 80 on any prestige there is a little dread that comes along with it.  You do start over and have to work hard at unlocking everything that was previously available to you.  Yes, it takes a bit of time, but this thread will help you get past the point of dread and back into hardcore gaming mode fast!


Here's what I do:  First I play a few matches of any game mode, enough to get to level 4 or 5.  Then I setup my DROP class.  There is a reason to play DROP ZONE for all the haters out there and I'm about to explain why. 


My Drop Class consists of : Any SMG (P90 preferred)

                                         Pretty much any secondary (I prefer stinger)




                                         RECON - essential!!!

                                         BLAST SHIELD - essential!!!

                                         STEADY AIM (note: I've unlocked quite a few things with prestige tokens, any 3rd perk is fine, I prefer Steady)


The reason this works so well is because 99% of the time you know exactly where the enemy is, is going to be and where they are coming from.  Start off the map lighting the enemy up with a flash bang, immediately they show up on the map and the fun begins.  Try and hold the drop zone as much as possible.  This is good for your BLAST SHIELD perk as people will be constantly throwing nades & flashes your way.  You should be able to get at least half-way to PRO by the end of one match, yes ONE MATCH!!! 


When you die, be sure to light the enemy up again with nades and flashes, not only are you helping out your team tremendously, you are also ranking up RECON.  In these matches I will typically have 20 or more assists in one game, my high was last night I had a match with 32 assists.  While you don't get a ton of points for assists, at this point in the game any and all points get you leveled back up to where you want to be.  


GET BACK TO THE DROP ZONE!!!  Not only do you score points for holding the zone, this is the only way to level up your BLAST SHIELD quickly.  Don't forget about RECON either, you can easily get caught up in the rush of getting the care packages or killing tons of enemies.  THOSE ARE NOT YOUR MAIN GOALS.  Your main goals are to FLASH/NADE as many people as possible, get and hold the drop zone (boosts your BLAST SHIELD), and stay alive.  Nobody wants to go negative. 


Continue these techniques for 4-5 games tops and you will have BLAST SHIELD PRO, RECON PRO and be at or above level 20 in no time.  It is so easy to do and for me level 20 is when you unlock the SPECIALIST killstreak and above all else that is my main goal.  Once I've unlocked that, it's time for more HC KC.  In these matches I will typically earn 10 - 15 thousand xp, which at this level of the game is a ton and you level up way fast. 


I went from level 5 to level 12 in ONE match of drop zone yesterday.  Granted I did complete the 250 headshots with the P90 during that match so that helped.


So, I hope you find this helpful.  Don't dread having to start all over again!  Hopefully with my tips and the tips from others will help you get back into Rambo mode in no time. 


Please feel free to leave any HELPFUL comments you have found work for getting you back to the level you desire.  Again, this thread is about helping the community with your tips and tricks on how to get back into the game quickly.  NO hate please.  I will give some points to helpful answers.