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Project Mayhem Gaming Clan is currently recruiting!


Hi gaming community,


Project Mayhem (P|M) is currently recruiting on the Xbox 360 platform. We are looking to reach 70 members by the end of April. We currently have around 50 members. There are requirements to join, and a "tryout" of some sort. Requirements are as follow:


1. K/D must be 2.0 or higher

2. no cheaters (mods, hacks, etc.)

3. must be a TEAM player

4. Communication is a must

5. We play mostly objective games (SnD, Dom, Cap, etc, although TDM is fine.)


If you meet all these requirements and are interested, contact Pattons 3rd WKB and mention that Aznbadger sent you. If he does not reply within reasonable time, contact Aznbadger for more info.