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    Haha, well you didn't have to wait too long, it looks like!  What a crazy episode!  The opening was a nice little fun moment with most of the team at a pizza place, but it's totallly overshadowed by the craziness that went down later, with Tony trying to figure out who the Skrull is, and the whole team pretty much just falling apart.  It was cool to see how each character reacted.  Black Panther just leaving after like one sentence, Ms. Marvel pretty much losing her cool, and Jan just trying to hold everything together.  And I thought it was super cool when Hulk stood up for Clint, after we've seen them kinda bond throughout the show, too.


    Man, it almost makes you wish this actually was Cap, instead of a Skrull, but that's gonna make it that much tougher for the team when they find out he was a Skrull.  We're gonna have a way different team after the next episode about Thor's done, too, which should set up a whole lot of new interesting stuff going on.


    And I still can't believe that crazy ending... Didn't see that coming at all!

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    I already bought this episode, I loved it so much, haha.  The start off this episode was some of the most fun scenes.  I loved seeing the Avengers going out for a casual dinner and we finally got to see Clint in his casual clothes (aside from the swim trunks in Casket of Ancient Winters)!  The jeans and black t-shirt were perfect too!  Not to mention Clint making a mini bow and arrow with toothpicks and pieces of trash and firing it at his cup was hilarious.  And Clint and Tony both being happy to have another women on the team  and back and forth teasing going all around (especially Clint teasing Cap that Carol outranks him).  It was perfect.  Then ya got the quick cut away to Hulk telling the silent Panther that he "talked too much".  The first half kept me laughing, but the absolute favorite part has to be Jan and Clint standing back to let Carol handle the Griffen while offering "helpful advice".  I swear they need their own comedy hour cause I was dying and then Cap joined in on the fun, haha.  Carol handled the rookie hazing like a champ too!  Hearing the team continue to talk about it while they were walking into the mansion was great too.


    The tone shifted dramatically with all the Skrull scenes.  Tony paranoid spying on the team from the shadows until Panther calls him out then accusing Clint of being a Skrull.  Like Rogue said, it was really cool to see how each of them reacted.  Panther up and leaves, Carol wants to bring Clint to SWORD and interogate him, Tony is paranoid, Clint is pissed off, Jan is the first one in to jump to Clint's defense followed by Hulk when Tony and Carol don't back down while Skrull-Cap silently watches the team argue.  It brought a big smile to my face to see Jan and Hulk, who we've seen Clint hang out with and talk to quite a bit (Casket again, another good example!) defend him.  Clint has hung out with T'Challa a bit too so I liked that Clint turned to him and tried to convince him he wasn't a Skrull.  You can tell the minds behind EMH really pay attention with little things like that.  The friendships the team has built up through the first season matter.  I also thought it was  great that the Avenger members that left were the ones that have a life outside the Avengers.  T'Challa has greater responsibles outside of the Avengers as the King of Wakanda, Tony has his company along with Pepper and Rhodey, Carol has SWORD.  For Clint, Hulk, and Cap, all they have is the Avengers, the Avengers is their lives.  Jan does have a life outside the Avengers, but we've seen in her fight with Hank that the Avengers are the most important thing in her life and since the micro-episodes she's been passionate about using her powers for good, even flirting with the idea of joining SHIELD pre-Avengers.


    Cap stepping forward and volunteering to lead the team after Tony quit was such a great moment.  It was awesome seeing the remaining Avengers rally togeher and not give in to the Skrull paranoia.  It's only a shame it was Skrull-Cap doing the rallying, though it was great.


    And it top it off, I got finally got the return of Mockingbird!  And Black Widow!  Neither of em said all that much since Fury was running the show, but I was still pretty excited to see them.  Bobbi was awesome in the scene with Maria Hill, holding her back like Maria was nothing and even a new "missing" scene from Widow's Sting!  But that ending...holy crap, haha.  I didn't see that coming at all. And seriously, poor Clint.  He goes from SHIELD throwing him in jail and Widow betraying him in season one to being accused of being a Skrull while Cap and his would-be girlfriend turn out to be Skrulls.


    The only bad part is that we have to wait a whole month for the next big Skrull episode, haha.  Yost has said on twitter that the next episode is Thor then a Hulk centric episode followed by Cap and finally the big Skrull Invasion episode.

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    When Mockingbird changed to reveal she was a Skrull, I was thinking, "Hawk probably just spit out his taco pie seeing that."  So, she must've tipped off Fury on purpose, which makes you wonder what exactly they've got planned.  Seems weird that they'd want Fury to know, unless they knew it'd get everyone divided or something.


    But it's definitely dissapointing that there won't be a new episode after next week for like a month.  Hopefully there won't be too many long breaks during this season.  Last season had that real long break, so hopefully there won't be one that long...

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    Haha, I think Bobbi would've been replaced by a Skrull after Widow's Sting.  We have no clue what's been happening to her since that episode and I don't think they'd do all the flirting with Clint and Bobbi and make the audience care about her if that was never really her.  And like ya said, the Skrulls would have a bigger advantage if no one knows they're there so it wouldn't make sense to expose themselves to give Fury time to prepare.  I'm thinking they might do something similar to the comics with the real Bobbi being captured by Skrulls and has to fight her way free.  Maybe even see the debut of the modern Mockingbird costume.  There have been ads for this season that show Clint's reaction to Cap being a Skrull and I don't think they'd want to do the same reaction twice for Clint finding out Bobbi is a Skrull so maybe the real Bobbi contacts him and tried to convince him she's the real deal and the other is a fake?


    Nah, I didn't mean that there's a break (at least, I don't think so).  I mean the next month is all centered on specific characters rather than the big Skrull storyline.  Hopefully we'll see some more Skrull stuff as a sideplot though! 

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    I don't know.  It seems surprising that Bobbi could get replaced after going underground with Fury.  Her and Fury (and I guess now, Widow and Quake) were pretty much the only ones that knew about the Skrulls and went into hiding, so it seems like it'd be pretty tough to replace her, at that point.  Besides, they talked about how Viper-Skrull had all of her memories, so that would go for Bobbi, too.  So, all her interactions with Clint would still matter some, since they'd hint at how Clint and Bobbi actually do feel about each other, even if it wasn't actually Bobbi.


    There is a break, actually.  After the Thor episode, there isn't another new one until June 24th.  To be fair, that's just according to Wikipedia, but they're usually right about this stuff.

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    I don't think it's that surprising.  We know Sue Storm and Cap got replaced without anyone, but Doom knowing.  And Fury is only guessing that Clint is a Skrull because Madam Viper wanted to keep him alive as well as false information from Skrull-Bobbi.  I don't think Fury knows all that much about the Skrulls at this point while the Skrulls know enough to replace people like Sue, Cap, and Bobbi, who are all in important positions to hinder Earth's defense against an invasion without being too obvious.  I think anything is on the table right now.


    Really?  Last I checked there wasn't any previews beyond Beta Ray Bill, but I thought they just hadn't updated yet.  That really sucks.  The wait is gonna be hard, the Thor episode better be good!

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    The difference is that Sue and Cap are in giant towers and mansions, and everyone knows where they are.  Bobbi's in some secret underground bunker that only Fury and her know about.  That's why I'm thinking that it probably happened earlier.  Though it's still possible, since it really does look like Fury doesn't know that much yet.


    Yeah, it'll be nice to finally see what's up with Thor, at least.  He hasn't gotten to do anything all season so far.  Hopefully, he comes back after this episode and joins up with Skrull-Cap's new Avengers team or something.

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    Bobbi wouldn't be in the underground bunker all the time, though.  She'd out and about investigating possible Skrulls and things related to the Skrulls, which puts her in a good position to get captured.  All it would take is one mistake for her to get captured and replaced and no one would be any wiser.  Fury would trust her more than most cause she's the one that brought Skrull Viper to him in the first place, so she would probably get the most dangerous work to do.


    Yeah, we saw him pop up a few times in Acts of Vengance and that's about it.  I'm sure we'll see him rejoin the team since they're low on people right now and I don't think they'd keep him out of the big Skrull Invasion ep that's coming up, ya know?

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    It's definitely possible, but it seemed to me like they were kinda hinting at something important when Fury mentioned that Mockingbird did "the sensible thing" by only telling Fury about it.  Felt like it was meant to be more than a throwaway comment when I first heard it, but then it kinda made sense when I saw the final scene, since it gave me the idea that it might've been Skrull-Bobbi, who had a plan.


    Yeah, I figure that they're down to a 4-member team, so they're probably gonna want to add someone to the team, so that would probably be Thor now.

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    I didn't really think much of that since we know Fury loves his secrets and plays it close to the chest, like the Black Widow storyline from season one.  He was the only one that knew Black Widow was deep undercover and he knew Clint was completely innocent, but had no issue sending him to jail anyway.  He wasn't the least bit sympathetic to Clint when the two got into a shouting match in Widow's Sting, he was just pissed Clint stuck his nose in SHIELD business.  I think the sensible line was more of an insult to the Avengers who like to deal with problems themselves rather than go to SHIELD.  Bobbi recognized the importance of the Skrull-Viper right away and instead of trying to play hero and deal with it herself or call the Avengers, she followed her spy training to quietly take it to Fury.


    Now, what would be really interesting if Fury purposely let Bobbi get captured to spy on the Skrulls from the inside while he spies on the Skrull-Bobbi.  It'd be a fun bit of double cross and it might explain why Fury accused Clint of the Skrull when the evidence was pretty filmsy.  Though I kinda doubt it'd happen, but it'd still be cool, haha.

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