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    I think the whole reason Fury accused Clint of being a Skrull was just that he needed to give Tony some reason to look at his team more closely and give him someone to accuse.  Until he told Tony about how he thought Clint was a Skrull, Tony didn't even seem to think that one of them could be a Skrull.

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    I don't know, accusing for no reason is a pretty **** to do.  Not just to Clint, but it tore the whole team apart.  Fury doesn't have a lot of love for the Avengers, but he knows how important they would be against the Skrulls so throwing around accusations just to make Tony take it seriously is playing with fire.  Maybe he was more false information from the Skrull-Bobbi to support the accusation against Clint that he didn't tell Tony, or maybe the writers assumed we wouldn't think this much about it, haha.

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    Well, Fury's not exactly known for being the nicest person ever. And maybe he figures that this is gonna help him reveal any Skrulls that might actually be on the Avengers, whether it's Clint or not.  Accusing Clint would be a way to kinda get the ball rolling, and get them all on the lookout for a Skrull.  Or just get them to be as paranoid as Fury is...  Though, that last option is very likely, of course...

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    True, Fury could easily just accuse Clint cause he's the easiest to go after in hopes it'll lead to the real Skrull exposing himself.  He might've thought it'd be hard to convince them that someone like Cap or Jan were a Skrull cause everyone likes them, whereas Clint's personality is a lot more abrasive, haha.  yeah, probably the last option.  Why did they have to do a season break now?  It's evil!

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    Yeah, that's what I figure.  And, when you throw on top of that the whole deal with Clint being accused of being a traitor of SHIELD earlier, you know that Clint's gonna start some kinda argument, which Fury might've hoped would help reveal the Skrull.  Fury seemed pretty happy at the end of the episode, after seeing their big argument, so it seems like he expected something along the lines of what happened.  Evil is what they do, apparently.  They're worse than Viva!  Well, at least, they didn't have any characters exploding before going on a long break...

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    I'll have to rewatch the episode and keep a close eye on Fury's reaction.  Cause, ya know, I wouldn't rewatch it anyway. Haha, I don't know.  Revealing Bobbi is a Skrull is way worse!

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    Haha, course you'll rewatch it.  You were just looking for an excuse to watch it again.  But if it was Clint exploding, then it'd be worse...

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    I'm loving season 2 so far. And to top it off, Scarlet Witch was shown as a skrull suspect so hopefully she'll show up in the show at some point. Sucks that Mockingbird go Spider-Woman's lame Secret Invasion plot though....

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    Wanda was there?  That's pretty awesome!  I think Wolverine is supposed to guest star in this season at some point and we're getting Vision joining the team, it makes sense to bring in Wanda!  All the more reason to want a third season.  Hopefully Marvel doesn't screw it up for some movie reboot.

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    So, this week's episode was pretty cool.  It might not've had as many crazy moments as the episode before, but it was a nice Thor-centric episode, especially since Thor hasn't really been around all season so far.  The Beta Ray Bill story is a pretty cool story, so it's cool to see it get on the show, and it's nice to finally get some payoff on the Surtur storyline.  The episode wasn't exactly full of laughs, since Thor was the only Avenger in the episode and he's not really known for his comedic wit, but I thought it was still a pretty nice episode.  And it was nice for some of Thor's supporting cast to get a chance to be on the show again, including Sif who had a pretty big role.  And it'll be interesting to see where the Surtur storyline goes from here, since it's obviously not done yet.

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