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    Well we may not always see eye to eye, lol, but you are a good guy, no dobut of that my man.



    Just about to get on ME3 and see if you want to play.

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    Now you take that back, I could get ostrichisized from the Philly fanbase! That sorta stuff is frowned upon, ya know.

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    Well Avengers will pass TDK domestically to move into third place all time and then past HP7 for 3rd place all time worlwide. The two movies ahead of it are Titanic and Avatar and whether it can catch either of those it will depend on how long it runs in the theatre. But still what a smash for Marvel!!

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    Have you (or anyone) been following the news about Iron Man 3?  Some pics are floating around of the Iron Patriot armor.

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    I heard about that today, actually.  It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, though, since Osborn would obviously be under the Spider-Man license.  The rumor about Mandarin being the villain makes perfect sense, though, even though Marvel keeps saying he isn't the villain.  Especially since Marvel keeps saying he isn't the villain...

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    What I read today was that Mandarin may be involved, but he's not the primary villain.  The Iron Patriot armor also won't involve Osborn since obviously he's tied into Spidey which is Sony's, it has to do with trying to recreate the Super Soldier serum.  Although it's been said Cap won't cameo in IM3 cause it'd waste one of Evan's six contracted movies, it's pretty cool that they'll likely talk about him a bit.

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    Kinda sounded like he's the villain that's pulling all the strings, and he might end up being the primary villain by the end of the movie, at least from the stuff I've read.  It kinda seems like a stretch to bring the Iron Patriot armor into the movie just because there's super soldier stuff going on.  Maybe it'll make sense and all that... or maybe it won't... or maybe it's not even true in the first place.

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    That seems pretty much the same as Stane from IM1 though.  I don't think it's too much of a stretch use the Iron Patriot armor since it was just Osborn's way of giving the middle finger to Cap and IM.  Given that the Spidey movies are in another universe where there is no Cap and IM, it wouldn't make much sense for Osborn to ever use it or even if Marvel Studios would let them cause of the likeness to both Cap and IM.  I think for IM3, it's nothing more than a coat of paint and nod to the fans.  I haven't read Extremis though, so maybe Iron can shed some better light on this.

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    No one ever said movie writers were creative!  They use similar storylines sometimes... I just don't really like the idea of just tossing in a suit of armor to give fans some kinda nod, though.  It just seems really unnecessary.  I don't think it would really connect to Extremis very well, though maybe there's something about the storyline that I don't know about, since I've never read it, either.

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    I know it's about using nanotechnology to recreate the Super Soldier Serum so I could see the symbolism of combining Cap (Super Soldier Serum) and Iron Man (nanotechnology) to get the Iron Patriot.  I don't really see it as a big deal, Iron Patriot was just something Osborn fooled around with for a few months, Green Goblin will always be his real bread and butter.  It's not like it's a major established character with decades of history, like Vision, for a five second nod to the comics.

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