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why get rid of the new update so it searches locale country servers and then you get rid of it now im constantly playing in games with Americans, i pay 50 pound eveyr 2 weeks and i can't even make the most out of it, it was there best update they have ever done even better than the shotgun nerf and they take it out :S may aswell not even play when im running around on 2 bar when i should be on 4 bar its not fair just because there from America and im from the UK!

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    There is lag in mw3? Check activison support, they clearly say it has ot do with your connection to the game, ports not open properly on your router, or your connection is not sufficent to handle multiplayer.


    Seriously though, find other uses for your 50 pounds which bring you greater results, seems this will be more rewarding then hoping, wishing, dreaming, praying, IW fixes the game.


    "IF" they decide to or can fix it, enjoy gaming when it is playable for you 

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      thanks bro currently my port is on modorate dunno if thats a good thing or bad thing put if it doesn't work ill look for a different internet provider!

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      if thats the case how comes i lag on a 100 meg line 10 meg upload 9ms ping with 0% packet loss........ must be my slow connection and a crappy router......... or it could be the game