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PDT time difference

Please can somebody from activision explain me why there are no european time clan ops. This is Really riddiculous why the americans get regular times, and european people need to suck it up and play at 3am.


We all play the same right?


When will there be normal european clan ops and lone wolf ops, just make a country separation in the enlisting process and then make two separate clan ops.


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    What are you talking about? Half of the time the operations start at 10PM or later for me, or during the day when most are in school or at work.


    You do realize that there is more than 1 time zone in the Americas right?  (PDT is 3 hours behind me for example)


    You do make a very good point though: There should be clan ops that are at least country based, and maybe even across different time zones.  Or (who coulda thunk it) make it so the window is not just 3 hours, or have it so a clan op start and stop at realistic times in different time zones.


    But that would probably be too much work for our Elite developers and Elite would break (oh wait, it already is broken)


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    There was one the other day at 3pm our time but now we've got the next one at 2am on the 31st. I'm guessing they will rotate them equally. (Hopefully)