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Need more clan members! PC

Hey People!

We are a awesome gaming team and we play just for having fun!

Feel free to contact the owner Wexez on youtube

http://www.youtube.com/user/SuicideMan992 if you have some more questions or if you want to join the team!

We are also searching awesome editors! feel free to make an appclip that is minimum 30 seconds long. We have one MW3 one BF3 and one CSS lineup! each lineup has an leader.

Me and Swedishguy5 is the head leader but the lineups leader can make decisions like who is allowed to be in the lineup. But ofc he have to check with us first before we kick a player.


YOU can get:

A logo

Editors that will edit your clips

YouTube BG


And if we get bigger we will offer you alot more.