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Few Unacceptable Issues With Call of Duty


Hey everyone, long time fan, many time poster. Anyway, I wanted to bring up some issues that I'm having with the game and see if we can get these fixed.


First, the racism Modern Warfare 3 is outragous, and no I'm not talking about the players but the actual game itself. I've earned my Ghilie suit several times already but when you play as the African team you never get a Ghilie suit when you're a sniper. Is this cause Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Raven are racist or something? There are a few maps that we have to play as them and it's really no point playing as a Sniper when you're on the African team cause you stand out like a sore thumb. This needs to be fixed and soon. I say as soon as the next installment into the DLC. I'm honestly surprised no one has threatened to sue over this yet.


The second issue that seems to occur in the game is also revolved around the African team. When you're about to do the Mission map it shows up in the Lobby that you will be the Blue team. However, when the match starts you are switched to the African team {The Red Team}. I set up my class prior to the match starting based upon what team I will be playing on. So this happening screws up my plans.


The biggest issue that I've been having is when I'm made host. I HATE, and I mean HATE, being host. My internet speed is 30mps, and yet everytime I'm made host, I'm forced to lag. If you guys know this is an issue, remove it or allow us to decide if we want to be host or not. I personally would like to opt out of being host. Don't believe me it's that bad? I was on Villiage and the host player backed out and I was forced into hosting. I started lagging right away. I would be 3 rounds into someone's chest with no hit markers and they'd kill me. I went 1 and 6 before backing out. When I went to join a new game I got put right back into the same game and finished 46 and 3. And yes, I was running around, but most of the kills came from my helicopter and pave low. Anyway, it seems like this is a way to punish players for having a good connection and rewarding players for being cheap. Like I said before, allow us to Opt out of being host and start allowing us to pick either world, country, regional for matchs.


Another issue that I"m having, this is the issue that was last straw, the DLC. I purchased the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 so I wouldn't have to buy the DLC at $15 each. But when I select to have DLC Enabled it tells me that it's turned off in public searching? Really? Then what the hell did I pay the extra money for if I can't play it in a public room in Killed Confirmed or Domination? I've seen that there's an Elite Room, but I can't stand HC TDM any more. The 15 second respawn time is a complete mood killer. If I'm paying to play these maps in the game modes outside of the Elite, then you need to enable them so I can actually start playing them outside the Elite.


This isn't an issue, but how about a HardCore Game Mode with NO explosives. No grenades, no tubes, no claymores/bouncing betties, and no rockets. The only rockets allowed are the ones to shoot down Strike Packages. The noob tubing in the game is getting sickening. At the start of each match all you hear is the tubes going off. It's disgusting! When you play Domination you HAVE to have a Trophy System set up or you're going to get tubed as soon as they hear they're losing the flag. Which by the way, it doesn't always notify you when you're losing the flag. Lets make this happen!

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    Yea and how come when i am on the africa team i dont hold my gun sideways.




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      I am only commenting on "DLC enabled" topic. I believe when we updated, that feature got automatically turned on. So by hitting select, you are actually turning off something that is already on. Also remember, if you are in a party with someone who doesn't have the maps, you will never get the map as a choice. Currently I do find it easier to just go to the Elite Playlist.

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    On Dom you are right that it doesnt always notify you if your flag is being captured, but the flag under attack does flash , and that is how i can tell by keeping an eye on them.

    The africa ghillie thing? maybe too hot in Africa to wear a ghillie suit?? i dunno

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    It's hard to notice something flashing when it's covered by another flag. So like if I'm losing B and A's in the same direction on my screen, A blocks the flashing B and you can't see it. So unless they don't say it, you don't know if it's bein captured.


    As for the Ghillie Suit, if it's too hot then the other team shouldn't have one either. Just sayin.


    The guy I team up with has the maps, but they never come up at all and we've cycled through the maps several times. I'm not a fan of the Elite HardCore Mosh Pit, mainly cause of the TDM. Not a fan of the 15 second respawn timer, nor S&D, nor the HardCore Head Quarters.

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    I have no idea why the African Militia don't have a guillie suit, I very much doubt it's anything malicious though.


    You can't have an option to host or not because nobody likes being host, so everyone would just turn it off. If all you where left with was people hosting with poor connections (who didn't know any better) the game would suck for everyone. I suffer from having good internet myself so I know your pain but the problems we suffer from as a result of the way the host compensation works can't be solved by disabling hosting, we need to go back to the MW2 model but it won't happen.


    I agree with you about the DLC, the way they have done it through Elite has spectacularly failed to grab the players attention. Instead of everyone looking forward to map packs getting released we've been divided (even amongst friends) and drip fed maps. I prefered the anticipation and excitement of a new batch of maps that everybody played together. As a result the Elite playlists where very poorly populated and in normal playlists the new maps frequently get voted out, so we still ain't playing them much.


    I woudln't like to see an explosives free playlist as that's bordering on the MLG playlist on Black Ops and I thought that was a stupid idea, playlist popularity backed that up quite well. Explosives in hardcore need an overhaul though and the XM25 proved to me beyond all doubt that IW don't have a clue (or care) about Hardcore. The XM25 in hardcore is the most unbalanced and annoying weapon in any CoD game, by a mile.

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    It's a Militai. You think they care if their snipers are killed? No. Because they're expendables and they can't afford to spend money on ghillie suits.

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    It does need an overhaul! The fact they can just do a rapid fire on it with 2 mags of garbage is outragous!


    If they're not going to get ride of them in Hardcore they need to put better restrictions on the guns when it comes to undermounted stuff. Like if they're going to have the M203 or undermount Shotgun, they don't get a secondary. Wasn't it like that in MW? Also if they're going to have those, then no red dots, acog scopes, thermals, or even the hybrid sights. With these restrictions players would have to decide if they want to have an undermount or a secondary.


    The way I was expecting the Elite to work was that I would get if free when they rolled out with everyone else. That or I wouldn't have to wait a month after Xbox cause those greedy bastards sold out to Microsoft hahaha. I've seen the new park map, which was extremely disappointing. It looked like a map I would find on PlayStation 1. But I would like to play them in Kill Confirmed or Domination, not HardCore Mosh Pit. Not my thing.