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Eradication Gaming (PS3, and xbox) Recruiting Loyal members.

My name is SickMyDuckX. To me it seems that clans now-a-days are mixed with corruption, wrong conduct, and just over-all unorganized messes. I have created Eradication Gaming to try and clear this up. See this clan helps keep organization by a system of ranks people can promote to based on time in clan and if they are helping. For example here are the ranks:


[*]Seaman Recruit-Newly Applied users for the clan that are being evaluated by our officers.


[*]Petty Officer 3rd Class-User who has passed their evaluation and is now a member of the clan.


[*]Petty Officer 2nd Class-Step up from 3rd class but with a catch. You must be in the clan 4 days to earn this rank.


[*]Petty Officer 1st Class-Final enlisted rank in clan. To earn this rank you must be in the clan a minimum of 12 days.


[*]Ensign-The clans first officer rank. Its job is to moniter all enlisted ranks on forums, in chat, and online on consoles if playing with them. This rank can be earned by 1st Classes who have shown great loyalty with the clan, are mature, and have been in clan a minimum of 20 days.


[*]Lieutenant Junior Grade-This rank is known as the clan recruiters. It goes to different websites or online on consoles and trys to get more members for our clan. There is no time in clan needed for this rank and any after it. You just need to show that you've done your job well.


[*]Lieutenant-The job of this rank is to evaluate seaman recruits and see if they are clan material. This is based off gameplay, mic skills, and overall personality. Junior Grade's that have done an exceptional job can request this rank or will be promoted by Admiral.


[*]Lieutenant Commander-This rank is in charge of monitering the lieutenants and making sure they are evaluating recruits like they should be. But they also help lieutenants evaluate new recruits.


[*]Commander-The job of this rank is to moniter all officers and make sure they are leading by example and doing their jobs. They are also the eyes and ears of the admiral.


[*]Admiral-The final officer rank. Only the best of the best can have this rank. They are in charge of EVERYTHING.


Now the way im keeping out corruption is if you see an officer not doing his job you can report to the Admiral/Commander about it and they will handle it. Also if even the leaders (Admirals) get out of control you can make a clan poll on forums to get rid of that person and the current commander will take their place.


But in summary i am taking as many steps as possible in making this clan a good clan. But i cant do it on my own. So i have an opening deal. The first 5-6 people who register on the forums will get automatic officer positions guarenteed upon registration completion. And i will add them to our special section known as originial clan founders. After that to help clan get started even more... The first 12 people to join dont have to go through the 3 day evaluation process, they can skip right through it and become Petty Officer 3rd Classes.


I have already made an Elite Clan. And i have forums set up with the ranks and permissions added. I still ahve some topics to add in forums but thats about it. If you would like to join and gain your postion now go to http://eradicationgaming.forummate.com


I am very active and will be checking forums constantly and when we get alot of members will be on forums even more. If you register you'll probably be accepted and given rank based on who has already joined very fast. But finally, i would like to ask that only people ages 14+ join. There is no k/d limit and a mic is not required it is just recommended.


If your wondering what's next after you apply and are accepted. Well the answer is jump on the shoutbox and talk to me or anyone else that has joined and i will be individually talking to people who gain the officer positions to inform them of the rank i have given them and what their job is. Also out of all the 5-6 people that first join to be officers, 1 lucky person will be chosen to be the Commander.


Hope to see you all soon,

                                           Admiral SickMyDuckX




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