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Lag Compensation Bullshit

Hi, just signed up as I needed to take a break from playing MW3 before I put my controller and xbox all out the window.


The total nonesnse that is lag compensation. Do we have an update on this? A quick look round the forums (and they have to be the hardest to navigate forums I have ever seen in my entire life btw) shows me a few posts on this. Tried to reply to some but it kept coming up as an errror or some other bullshit then asked me to log in when I was already logged in...... so just made a new thread.


So is there any official responce from activision / infinity ward / sledge hammer games?


Its getting to the point now where I am actually just choosing to play another game. MW3 is currently TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE not only to me but to many others it would seem. Empying an entire mag into someone only to watch the killcam and you facing the other way or some total crap like that is not my idea of fun. I have went to all measures to try and bypass this nonsense but bar running software on my PC to lag my own internet (which I may end up doing) I'm still getting this crap daily.


So any news? Any sign of this total mess of a game being fixed??

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    You know its a bad sign when, out of all your games, this is the only one you have to run special throttling software and try to **** around with your router to be able to play.


    At least thats what I have to deal with.  What kind of half-decent game makes you do all that just to get a fairer experience?

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    They can not really just make a quick fix for it like you and others may want or think they should. Plus this is not new to this game it was in all past games too, just was not as poorly tuned before. Plus with the added things like elite, theater, and facebook it has become worse. Plus never believe what the kill cam shows, for that is not the truth, but only what the host seen at your death. Plus with everyonne dicking around with their routers or modem settings to try and get better games it makes it harder for IW to get accurate readings and adjust the settings to make it better.

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    since the update yesterday the game for me has been 10x better, just wondering what type of connection u have?

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      UgotDoneUp wrote:


      since the update yesterday the game for me has been 10x better, just wondering what type of connection u have?

      Likewise for me, my game have been spotless. I do have a few more "lost connection to host" messages, but as far as gameplay it's been pretty fun.

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    Short answer is they are still working on it.


    My view s given it we are now entering the sixth month of a 12 month campaign, BO2 release being tipped for 6th Nov (CharlieIntel:2012), what we have is about as good as it will get.


    About all you can do is ensure your setup is optimized for MW3. I know this is not good given most folks don't  have to do this for other games. However it's about your only option.


    The following thread (Maccabi:2012) provides the know how.




    Good luck.

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      I've been taking a short break from the game, Ever since the Update that cam out with the map pack I haven't had a SINGLE good match nor have any of my Minnesota team mates. I might try it again today since some of my buddies said its better again with this latest update. The Lag comp didn't bother me too much before as we would just change lobbies till we found a decent one and stay there, Usually 2-3 lobby changes MAX. It WASN'T possible to FIND a decent lobby the whole time double XP was on FOR ANY OF US.........  hell, even our Clan K/D ratio which has slowly climbed from 1.39 to 1.49 the past few month DROPPED to 1.44 in only a few days after that update.  

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        Yah I hear you, I hardly played during the Double XP weekend as I couldn't move no matter how many lobbies I tried.  I was getting shot so far ahead of time I had to reply my games 2x just to make sure I wasn't going crazy.  Lag was bad and I usually don't have to many issues with it other then the normal (1 sec delay heren there).


        I have been playing on the PS3 for the past month and it's not any better on that system either.  Now back on the Xbox for awhile so if it's an aim thing on my part (from changing controllers, the sticks are soooo different to get used to between both systems) I'm fine with dying but there are so many other part, most of which you mentioned in the OP that, yah I get so sick of it.


        I love the game and I do my best to not get mad but it's so hard to walk away with a smile on my face.  I'm nowhere near a great player but I'm not bad (FPS on PC I used to be beast mode when I was younger) but the games issues just make things worse.


        I also think we won't see much more done with this game since BO2 will be out by the time all of the DLC is done or just about done for MW3.  I hope a lot of MW3's issues are fixed so we can go onto the next game and not have to rage constantly.  I understand it's next to impossible to make things perfect, but other games tend to do really well in this area.


        Well here's to hoping anyways.  Hope things run a bit more smoothly, I'm trying to get my wins an kdr up on the 360 to where I have it on the ps3.

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    lag comp is really irritating. I hate being around the corner on my screen but not in the kill cam.

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    Thanks for the replys guys. And special thanks to gallp13 for that amazing link you posted, and also to dean66s for your links.