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Lobby without ASSAULT RIFLES


So I have been mulling over an idea for some time and I'm sure others have as well. In some games, when dealing with assault rifle users who simply wait for people to pup up into their recoilless free gun fire and constantly return back to their headglitch spot after their death, I wonder how nice it would be to have a lobby that did not allow these talentless guns. Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily complaining and I understand that it is all part of the game.  Sometimes, however, it does get irritating.  I feel like people would be willing to play a lobby that didn't allow Assault rifles.  I believe it would promote more running and gunning.  Opinions?

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    We should have a lobby where we all run around with 12" rubber cocks and mushroom stomp each other!!!

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    A lobby with just Throwing Knives would be fun.

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    What assault rifles have no recoil? If they did do a a playlist without assault rifles, then they would have to cater to others, like a SMG free playlist and etc. Doesn't make sense to me. But that's just my opinion.

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    They should have a playlist without regular Pistols because they're obviously overpowered. :L

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    Is this sarcasm related to the earlier sniping free lobby idea? Its worded very similar.

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    Honestly, I'd be fine with a gametype where there are only 3 or 4 premade classes that are all shared.

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      In general, I actually think it would be quite fun if there were various lobbies that prevented use of a certain thing; themselves or combinations or something. I think it would really help vary up gameplay quite a bit while, at the same time, giving "safe haven" to people who hate on such things and won't have to deal with them there.


      Or, as I brought up on other discussions, a "randomizer" lobby where you're not allowed to pick any classes; default or custom.


      Instead, you're given...


      1.) A completely random primary.

      1A.) A completely random Proficiency, or even none at all.

      1B.) A completely random Attachment (or 2 if you get that as the Proficiency), or even none at all. So you could end up with the Attachments Proficiency, but no Attachments if you're unlucky, lol.


      2.) A completely random Secondary.

      2A.) A completely random Attachment, or even none at all (if they can have them, like Launchers don't have any). So yes, Akimbo MPs are still a possibility, but I'd have the chances for it lower than the others.


      3.) A completely random Lethal.

      4.) A completely random Tactical


      5.) 3 completely random Perks.


      6.) A completely random Killstreak type (Assault, Support, Specialist).

      6A.) 3 completely random Killstreaks within that type.


      7.) A completely random Deathstreak.


      ...of course, it would also all be based on what you have unlocked as well.


      You also will NOT be able to see what you're given until the match starts. This way, people won't be able to keep leaving and entering until they're "randomly" given something they like. And it will always change after each match/round too.


      This way, people will always be kept on their toes because their gameplay style would have to keep changing around and unable to play the same way over and over again.