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I think I'm paranoid...


Started to use the Overkill perk today for the very first time, equipped myself MK14 Kick + Rapid fire and the second weapon was MP5 Range. While I was testing this class I noticed few things, having two of the best weapons, for me, as a combo, I could do surprisingly well, MK14 pretty much took care of the little flaws of MP5 very nicely. However I did notice something strange.


When I fired MP5, I could swear that it had both of these profiencies on, the recoil seemed to be pretty much the same as it would be with Kick only on MP5, but it also seemed to have the range I took for it, anyone else noticed something like this, or am I just too used to the MP5's recoil? Is the perk supposed to do that because I didn't bother to read it's describtion, I thought it was only to get two primary weapons.


Now second thing, in these matches I faced a player called "BBT lag, still win u" or something like that and well, he had 1 bar during all the 3 games we played. He was only using FMG9 akimbo and what pissed me off even more he used MP7 as his secondary, he only switched to it if he ran out of ammo or you were in a spot where he would have most likely died if he tried to kill you.


After this match some guy with a mic started to talk, he said something like "our team won by skill even though you defeated us, stop using FMG9 akimbo, it's unfair and OP, if you can't aim then why the hell are you playing this game, go play....."

Now this guy said it pretty damn well, not exactly the way I wrote it but hey, I can't remember everything.


But anyways, to the point, I've been noticing that FMG9 akimbo users have started to take me down from the same ranges as they used to before the patch, it's like those things would have returned completely to the accuracy/range of sniper rifles, anyone else noticed this?


If they're glitched somehow then how do I recognize it? Do I just assume so?