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The only way to counter assasin is to use assasin


Ill start off with what the whole assassin perk gives you (this includes pro)


-Undetectable by UAV

-Undetectable by portable radar

-Undetectable by thermal

-Undetectable by heartbheat sensors

-Immune to counter UAV's

-Immune to EMP's

-No red crosshair or name when targeted


So for 1 perk you technicallly get 7 things??? add blindeye and dead silence to this you are completely invisable!


First of all why put all these 3 perks in different slots? it just creates one overpowered class, they should have at least put them all in the same one, so it makes you chose between, being silent, keeping off radar or not being seen by killstreaks. Basicly with all of this in one create a class slot you are getting possibly about 10 - 12 different things in just 3 perks, how can this be considered balanced? Personally i feel like they should have made you chose between what it is you wanted to hide from when using assassin. For example: You chose to be immune to portable radar but everything else that is in the list can still see you, or maybe you want to be immune to EMP's but again everything else in the list can still see you. Doing this could have made the whole assassin perk thing way more balanced.


But like i said assassin pro gives you about 7 different things, so why is it other perks like quickdraw only give you 2 things like: recover from grenade usage quicker and faster aiming time or stalker Move faster while aiming and delay triggered explosives. It just seems to make no sense as to why a perk that helps people literally camp for an entire game should give them 7 different advantages from 1 perk.


Also did you know that an advanced UAV also will not show up assassin users? seriously go try it in a private match. In black ops which was based about 30 - 40 years prior to Modern warfare, the blackbird could show ghost users, but now that we are in the future and all this technology has meant to of evolved somehow an Advanced UAV wont show assassin users?


With this all in mind i am starting to consider using assassin myself as it seems to be the only way to counter other people using it. A few of you might say well just use quickdraw because you can aim faster than them, it makes no difference. If they are going to surprise attack you, you are most certainly dead unless you get lucky with the bullets. However i have always used quickdraw since the release of MW3 and i like it hence the abillity to get on target quicker. Personally myself as a player, i am quite good at staying alive and reading situations well and usually comming out on top, (on average i get about 5 deaths a game to 20 kills) but im sure if i put assassin on i could double my kills and half my deaths because no one would ever know where i am.


I really dont want to have to resort to using Assassin as apparently alot of players think it is nooby, but i really am loosing hope of going on much longer with out it.


What are your thoughts? please leave them below!

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    Anything in this game could be considered what you call "nooby".  It's a game, use what the game gives you, and stop complaining.  I don't have to rely on Assassin b/c I play HC, with limited HUD.  If someone decides they want to become a UAV whore, then I slap on my assassin class and remain undetected.


    When you consider the benefits you get from the other perks it would seem that Assassin was op BUT when you consider the number of things that can show you on a radar (uav, advanced uav, portable radar, heartbeat) it becomes more balanced. 

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    I don't really have a problem with assassin. Personally as a quick scoper, I have to use quick draw which sucks though because there seems to always be an enemy UAV up. Many a time I've turned a corner to find a guy prone aiming down his sights waiting for me.

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    I dont have a problem with assassin either,i only ever look at the radar to see where my team mates are.Granted i look as well when UAV is up but i dont go chasing orange dots either.

    Most camping spots on all maps are common knowledge now as well so im more cautious when approaching these spots as well.

    I certainly wouldnt  swap my hardline to counter it tho,nor would i swap quick draw.


    Assassin is not immune to recon though i believe so that could be a alternative could it?

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    I'm fine with Assassin, really. What I don't like though is the weakness of the other perks compared to Assassin. That's what's unbalanced IMO.

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    I do believe some of Assassin's advantages should be split up more.


    Some things are just unnecessary and/or make little sense like Heartbeat Sensor (as it's not typical radar and, as the name suggests, locates based on heartbeat. No heartbeat equals dead), Thermal (need a lot of extra suiting and such to hide body temperature like that), and Counter UAV and EMP (nothing to do with finding on radar anyway, but messing with the opponent's).


    Feels like most people I come across are running with a total Stealth class with Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead Silence, and a suppressed AR/SMG.


    And the whole "use it too" statements...well...doesn't that just promote the same thing those people accuse complainers of doing? Everyone playing the same way?

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    First rule of fight club... don't talk about fight club.

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    Assassin is easy to counter.


    --First, don't red dot chase.

    --Second, campers are usually unimaginative and campers usually hide in the same corners on each map. (Example: Top of the street house on Bakaara)

    --Grenades are awesome.

    --Recon as your first perk is great

    --Check corners

    --Stay near the edges

    --Dead Silence to sneak up on them (Hilarious!)

    --Thermal Scopes work great even when the enemy doesn't light up

    --No crosshair or name when you target them? Learn the uniforms and shoot until they're dead.


    I don't get why this is a weekly topic. So what it encounters a lot. That's all it does, COUNTER. It doesn't make the player better. Gives them no advantage except against those who run around like a chicken with their head cut off. So why complain?

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      1.) Red dot "chasing" is bad, but actually looking at the mini-map isn't. Just like it's not good to solely use your eyes on the main screen and never look at the mini-map. Both should be used equally.


      2.) "True" campers aren't at least.


      3.) At times, yeah.


      4.) It's okay, but it and the Recon Drone are limited counters at best due to their limited time to some degree. Recon being a few seconds while the Recon Drone itself only has a limited timespan and is actually easy to shoot down. The tag is nice, but only works for 1 life a piece. Assassin, on the other hand, is always "on" and not limited in any way like that. Everything Assassin was made to "counter" at least has some sort of limitation.


      5.) This may or may not work from my experience. If you quickly run out to check, chances are you'll be gunned down because the person will already be ADSing unless you're lucky to have the flanking route. If you try to creep out, it gives that camper more than enough time to see you coming.


      6.) Pretty easy to sneak up anyway if you're able to. Only works "well" on sound whores.


      7.) Can depend on the map. Like if it's Outpost, it's easy to tell as they'll be a big black spot against a lot of white as if it's Black Hot rather than White Hot. On other maps...eh...not so much.


      8.) Well, if you don't see a green name immediately pop up when you're close, it's obvious right there, lol.



      Even if it doesn't improve the player themself, it doesn't change that it gives them a large amount of "invulerabilities" to things and just doesn't care either way. So if it does so well for a less experienced person, then it simply goes way up there for the more experienced players.


      Similar to how all those people complaining about the Stealth Bomber keep saying it's for "bad players", yet the ones who ARE able to "spam them" so easily are actually the better players simply taking advantage of the Support system (or the opposing team is just VERY foolish). In the hands of a less experienced player, the Stealth Bomber is just a mild nuisance that isn't very game changing at all and tends to get 0-2 kills on average (again, unless the enemy team is very foolish). However, a more experienced player will make far more effective use of them while also being to acquire them far more easily, thus making it seem OP coupled with how it works.

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        1. I hardly ever use the minimap. This comes from playing HC so much. Mini-map should be used to get an idea where people are, not where they are exactly. If I see a large, unoccupied area, I go there and camper hunt.


        2. All campers use the same spots. Most are bad at it but it's still the same spots.


        4. How long do you need someone lit up for before you kill them?


        5. If they get you once, get them the next time by not going the same exact way. Flash them, toss grenades.


        7. Get a better TV or fix the contrast. They are extremely easy to see on most maps. The only ones I dont use it on is Dome and Hardhat.


        8. If its so obvious, why are you so upset about it?

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      Thermal doesn't work again's the pro version of blind eye, nice try tho ..

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    If marksman wasn't in the game I would have way more hardline / qdraw classes. Also Cuav should work against assassin & be in assault too, so that we can counter uav spam decently. Game is too assassin based.

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    assassin forces you to use your eyes in place of running after red dots

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    As others have said, stop UAV spamming and i will use hardline rather than assassin

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    If its so overpowered how come people who dont use it always claim to be better players anyway? if that is the case ,why worry about it being OPd

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      I for one certainly dont think that people are better for not using it, or nooby for using it. That is just what i hear alot of people in Lobby's saying "oh he uses assassin he is nooby" Please know that i do not think this about assassin users, i just feel like it gives you too much in just 1 perk. That said i wouldent mind at least seeing an advanced UAV showing assassin users, because let's face it, it's in the name. Advanced!

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    The only issue is there is not a logical counter to it.

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    sorry, im a little saucey, so forgive me if im a little blunt.  since so many people spammed uav and other forms of recon, most people clung to antirecon, untill it became a strategic and effective weapon!?  so i decided to completely change up my game style, choosing to go total stealth, and total recon.  i used to just get cautious when theyed yell "recon plane," but now i roll like there are people out there rocking total stealth, all game.  not so much assault, but reconed assault.  "maintiain a constant state of suspicious alertness"

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    recon the perk and recon drone are the only counters. both suck and no one wants to use them but they are there.

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    it doesnt give 7 things...

    only one


    Immune to electric/electromagnetic equipment..


    Use your eyes....