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Quick Scoping is all Luck

Quick scoping does take skill, it is almost all skill and accuracy. You'll occasionally get lucky shots, but saying quick scoping is all luck or noobiness is completely false. It is not easy either, no one is born with the natural talent of quick scoping. You have to develop the skill over time, and you'll experience lots of negative games trying to get better at it. Anyone who does that, and spends time trying to get better at it, instead of running around with an mp7 with rapid fire and extended mags going 30-2 every game, deserves a reasonably fast ADS, a consistently straight bullet/one shot kill. It you get beat close quarters by a sniper, don't complain that it's cheap/lucky/noobish just because they were good enough to kill you. Quick scoping is not abusing an exploit/glitch either. They kept it in the game knowing how it'd be used, so it's a completely legit way to play.

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