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Fearless Under Fire [14th, 17th, 19th in last Clan Ops] [Number 1 On Top100 MW3 Clans] *SPONSORED*


Founded in February 2011, Fearless Under Fire is currently ranked Number 1 in the Top 100 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 teams, Level 27 on ELITE.


We hold regular contests & clan battles and our active community, is the home to many members from the US to the UK, the Netherlands and South America. Our current 2v2 TDM contest is sponsored by SquidGrip.com


To apply now, head to our website under fearlessunderfire.com




1. Be 18+

2. Your K/D ratio must be on or over 1.75

3. Be active, respectful, and mature at all times

4. No bad sportsmanship or trash talk of any kind, unless provoked.

5. You're willing to befriend your fellow clan members

6. You're ready to make FUF your clan tag

7. You must play on Xbox 360 - we are not currently operating on PS3 or PC (in case you were wondering, the Wii isn't a real system.)

8. Willing to communicate - Have a Mic

9. No modding, cheating, glitching, or boosting.


A good sense of humour helps too!



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