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Come Join Dynamic Synthesis (PS3 and XBOX)

We are a newly created Elite clan for both XBOX 360 and the PS3, we are all about having fun, partying up and kicking some butt! Here's some information about us:

Dynamic Synthesis was created to foster an environment that would keep people informed, excited, and able to communicate within a group of people that have the same things in common--Call of Duty (and other games). This clan's only requirements are that you are MATURE and ACTIVE. To be mature is to not annoy everyone and slander your fellow clanmates. Respect the people you virtually interact with and they will respect you. To be active is to be apart of the forum by posting or chatting in the Shoutbox, and to be actively grouping with clanmates online. If you cannot meet these requirements, then Dynamic Synthesis is not for you.

Dynamic Synthesis: "active unity"

The forum, social media sites, and membership will be coming online more and more in the coming weeks. There's a lot of work involved bringing this all together. So, please, bear with the administration and moderators as we work diligently to make this a great clan. Hopefully, when Modern Warfare 20 is released, we'll still be kicking!


Come join us at: http://dynamicsynthesis.tk/


Register and introduce yourself!