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  • 40. Re: UK Players want UK Lobbies

    Your so far from the point you should host your own lobby for us all to use.

    All I want to do is play a decent game where I can communicate with my team mates, instead of hitting constant language barriers and lag. Call of duty elite failed to bring together the community together and this issue with the lobbies is making it worse.

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    I have yet to have a lag compensation free gaming experience in any cod game or any other game for the past 5 years on my 20ms ping connection on console, Never played online on PC, Most days its just plain rediculous, I don't even get the chance to raise my gun, Bad hit detection, Pumping half a clip into people to kill em, People ahead of you by 2,3,4 seconds, Shooting people close range and getting knifed.


    Week in and week out, Same old bullshit, That why i will no longer buy any more games.


    I really do hope they drive cod into the ground with ****** up lag compensation, Has they have been ******* me up with it for years.

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    Canadian players want Canadian games.  Or at least only the northern States.  It is absolutely ridiculous for me to be getting connected to people from Texas and Florida.  Surely there are enough people in New York, Chicago and Boston that I don't need Texas and Florida.

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    If you havent played it on the xbox... dont! it will just make you mad at how they treat PS3 players.


    I have it on both consoles and so do a few off my clan mates.. the audio is sooo much better, sitrep pro with a headset is so good, all off the weapons sound so much more beastly...


    I personally think its allot better lag wise...


    MW3 = last PS3 COD purchase... Blops 2 or whatever will be bought for the xbox.

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    Couple of lads at work have the 360 and always play against UK people 90% of the time and rarely suffer Lag issues. The PS3 version is driving me to distraction and I'm either flying or dying, just no consistency. I could pick up a 2nd hand 360 for £50.....

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    50ping lobbies are 2 a penny on the xbox.. but the ps3 struggles to find any at all.. most off the time i have to settle for a 100ping but i will always try 4-5 times for a 75. God knows what ping i'm in when i play in a party as it always 'merges lobbies' thats an awesome way to keep players with similar pings together.. isnt it IW. You F-ing Retards.

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    Quality thread will!!! Dunno how I have just noticed it. I agree there should be some form of locale only search facility like blops had.


    As is mentioned above, I too don't have an issue with foreigners, but u can't help get frustrated AT THEM when fundamentally they are causing u to lag and feel like a noob! Gone are the days of knowing ur gonna own some team one match after the other. One change of a player from one game to the next can turn the connection from equal to unplayable.

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    Agreed!! I ran after a french guy, was right behind him (about 10 ft) started shooting him and ran out of bullets and he turned round and shot me with a pistol! I put a whole mag of bullets in him and i didnt even get a hit marker!!! Even in the killcam when he turned round my last 5 bullets were going thru the killcam! when i play UK people or even US people its all fair, the odd lag here and there but in these french rooms its ALWAYS!!!


    to top it all off they end up winning because of the disadvantage and think they are the best


    Infinity ward dont seem to ever do anything anyway so this is probs a waste of time

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    Im up for UK lobbies. I got so sick of mix-match lobbies i took a couple of months off the game, and it still hasnt improved. Some one start a UK lobbie clan or group then it should be better to jugde how many people want a UK lobbie???

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    Damn this is such a good thread


    I just wish IW would get involved and listen, playing today SND with 1 other english guy and me, the rest of people were french or spanish. (once in a blue moon)


    The other english dude was saying to me how he cant wait for BLOPS2 cos hopefully they will inc the locale only search as in BLOPS1. I


    If we pay for good connections why then are put into foreign lobbies? are their internet connections that bad that I have to sometimes host a lobby full of Francs. We lag (and then get told we suck, like our mothers apparently) ... does my absolute head in.


    MW2 was good then

    Blops came out but ppl still play/played MW2 -

    MW3 cam out and ppl still play both MW2 and BLOPS,

    BLOPS2 will come out and MW3 will be dropped by everyone cos it has been so terrible! (apart from the french)