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Drop Zone is Awesome!

Drop Zone in my opinion is the best game mode. Here are some reasons: not many campers, because if you camp then you'll just lose the game, simple as that. Kill streaks are disabled, so you'll have to go to the Drop Zone if you want one. This also means that you won't really need Assassin, because the enemy team won't have a UAV up 24/7. You can play it anyway you want to, be a team player and get lots of points, or play it like TDM and get lots of kills. Also, the more people in the drop zone, the more points the team gets, so whoever has the most team players will win.

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    been loving drop zone lately just started playing it a couple of days ago...have gotten several multi's with the javalin i love it hahaha


    the only thing is that there are to many snipers playing this gametype all trying to go for montage clips and not going for the drop zone; as long as they are not on my team its fine ill take the win but if im the only one going for the win it sucks.

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    I like quick scoping on it because I play very aggresively and I won't run into to many campers, but I still play the objective.

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      If you are good at QSing that way and play as a team (i.e. attacking the DZ when the other team has it) then a team with one or two guys like you that push out from the DZ and go on offense against the rusher can be flat out devastating.  Hard to beat.

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    And yes, I am addicted to DZ.  Gotta get more time on the new maps as they are TOUGH for DZ!  Overwatch's DZs are just wide open, easy to attack.  Blackbox..that friggin map is awesome and a pain in the butt at the same time. Liberation.. sniper heaven, have to run the anti-sniper class on that.  Piazza though.. love it!  Run and gun for fun and shennanigans.

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    It's a shame the game mode is not in the standart playlists and so there is no ranking for it.

    I play it since the beginning, really curious how my standing would be...

    I prefer it because I cannot play good against campers and in DZ you have just qucikscopers camping sometimes but usually everyone is running to the zone. Really good game mode!

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    Drop Zone is all I play. I love it to level underused/underpowered guns in it.


    Quickscopers have killed the mode though.