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Epic Montages :) !!! Clan SIK Montages

Clan SIK provides a variety of montage clips such as nice sniping spree or to Fancy C4(KOBE) Kills. Please know our sniping is not like Faze Potential yet but don't forget we are beginners. So we hope you have the time to check out these 3 montages and maybe check out the channel and Subscribe . Btw we are accepting new members into the clan so you can have your moment on the channel. Well anyways Peace Out !

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SikshotEntertainment





Montage 3:


Montage 2:


Montage 1:




Also If you want to Join Reply Here or Just Msg via Youtube


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    Just a heads up to you, OP, you probably won't get any positive feedback posting videos like that here.  Quickscoping is overdone, and in the majority of opinions, stupid to begin with.  On top of that, nothing depicted in the video was overly impressive at all.  Sorry to burst your fame bubble, but it's just not going to happen.  You can probably consider my response the nice one, because I imagine a lot of the other forum participants are going to thoroughly flame this.