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R4yL HQ Gamers

Hi guys so you may of came across us in HQ we some of the best HQ players on PS3 and a few days ago I started my own youtube channel and have began doing videos with live commentaries


So Below is the first ground war we have actually played together because we normally only hit HQ.




Any criticism is good criticism , If you like what you see then send me a message or even subscribe.
Im looking for feedback off you guys as you are the COD Fanbase itself.


I wont only be doing COD
Im aiming at all new releases and hopefully will get out reviews , gamplays, bug and glitches , stuff like that.
If this appeals to you let me know.Im Dark-Weller on PSN.




Also I am apart of a mass gaming forum which has sections for everyone.


(The Gaming Forums)
We have a high member count however the call of duty fan base is quite low with only a few of us keeping the COD section alive.
You are all welcome to sign up.