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I'm not asking for much...


I personally think that there's a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed in this game but the problem it's that i really don't think it's such a big deal to be fixed (Again i'm not a game developer and i don't know how everything works) but one think that i think it really needs to be fixed more than anything it's mw3 spawn revenge. I can't even play the game anymore for example today i was playing domination on resistance not even on Dome where the spawns are just aweful my team cap flags C and B ussually if the game worked fine the enemy team should be spawning on the backside area of A the only way they can actually spawn around C or B it will be that some my team rush to their spawn or triple cap them and mess the spawns up. So anyway i'm here with my team spawn traping this fellas (i'm one of my pavelow) suddenly i hear "Losing C" and then i think we all know what happen (if you not know what happen a enemy sniper killed me) i mean we won the game and all but i could have a much nicier score if the spawns were better. now my question is... And this goes to Infinity Ward, Activision, Sledhammer... i don't even care anymore i just want a honest answer will you fix the spawns? or a more complex question to you, are you going to fix this game?. Because it seems that the patches of 22mb each aren't doing a lot of work. As a matter of fact they destroy the game more than help it. I really don't think it's hard to make a patch as i said before this patches are 22mb Angry Birds Space for my Pc weights more than that for crying ou loud!!!! that was it... Wow!!! long post i don't really think you would do something or even read this post infinity ward and the others... But as long as the gaming community supports each other and agrees with me i'm