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Rushing/Camping rely on the same tactic....


That tactic is suprising the enemy.


Honestly think about it.


What is the reason that someone camps? Typically its because they aren't very good in 1v1 gunfights, and need the element of suprise to give them the leg up in a gunfight.


When you rush a spawn and clear it out, why are you successful? Because you catch the enemy off guard. They aren't expecting you to come a certain route, and you take them out. They are too suprised by you being in their spawn to actually kill you.


I'm not saying one takes more skill than the other, or one is the correct way to play, I'm just pointing out that the reason both are successful is because of the element of surprise. Rushing requires map knowledege, camping requires patience, but either way your main goal is to catch the enemy off guard and take them out in that split second you have them caught off guard.

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    When you put it that way... no, I still hate campers.

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    Both game types are the same as in that you are ambushing the enemy with an element of surprise.

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    Corner camping takes no skill. Usually people like that are just bad at the game or starting out in COD. When I first started playing I was like that. When they realise that moving about and flanking is a lot more more fun, and also results in a lot more kills, they get off their asses.


    Sure it irritates me to get killed by one, but really, who cares. They are so easy to flush out. Shame on you if you kill me once, shame on me if you kill me twice.

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    Definitely agree with you Dlund.  It is absolutely all about surprise.  I always rush and when I find myself in the enemy spawn I definitely have the advantage.  They are just respawning and their mind is set on getting back into the action, they never knew what hit them. 

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    Plus good gameplay is a mixture of everything. Also with the spawn system we have, staying in one place is just mad.

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      I'm not commenting on the effectiveness of either gameplay style, although I do agree that you need a healthy mix of both to be successful.


      I'm simply saying that both rely on the enemy being suprised at your presence.


      Staying in one place can work out well sometimes, and other times it can be suicide. When I play Domination with my clan we split up off the spawn. 3 to our spawn flag, 3 to be. We hopefully cap both, and hold the double cap until about 150 when the other team bascially cant win unless they triple cap us for the whole game. I would say I rarely move for that first part of the game, I sit on the same line of sight that looks at one or two chokepoints and just pick guys off. Once 150 hits then its just kind of a giant TDM for my team and we just kill everything while holding a single flag. I don't play with them very often, but I think I've lost a total of 3 times with them, so its definitely an effective strategy in the right game mode

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        Camping the objective is completely cool in my books and also locking down an area. I think most people are just annoyed to be killed some random dude sitting in a corner with his sighs set on the doorway, and of course if they are on the same team it irritates me if they don't contribute to the objective.


        But hey, it's only a video game and if they spent 60 bucks on it, they can play the way they feel comfortable playing it.

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          I paid a silly price for the hardened edition and I will play the game however I see fit.


          I rage when I get spanked by a camper however when I'm close to a MOAB I play just the same as the very camper I want to see tortured.


          If its not someone sat hiding in a corner then its the rush players that run through all your bullets and knife you. It all comes down to what the guy said, surprise oh and the dodgy spawn system that surprises everyone.

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    I camp as required and I don't care how you feel about it .. It gets the job done .. I did a one-on-one the other day and beat the guy (not by much however) .. I'm not playing this game to develop any real life skills, I play it to pass the time .. I've owned players and players have owned me .. I think it's more to do with who's on the good side of lag compensation that determines who is the winner .. That's the way things go .. If you think your all big and bad cuz you can win 1v1 games, congratz to you .. If you don't perform well in 6v6, then change your style .. I generally don't play 1v1 cuz they are sooo boring ..Maybe you enjoy them .. Great .. But at the end of the day, does it get you anything ?? Does it impress the girls ?? Does it get you cash in the bank ?? No, no and no .. It's just time well wasted .. Keep that in mind ..

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    People hate (corner) campers because someone will the skillset of a doorknob owned them.


    Yes people like like things to be face paced, but be honest... you expected someone to jump out in front of you instead of you outplaying yourself and allowing someone to hide from you and shoot you when you were not expecting it.


    A good player plays aggressively. A great player plays smart. A beast player plays aggressively, and smart (I fail there lol!)


    Nice post dlun...

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    Surely everyone you kill is being caught off guard in FPS games? The rest is down to connection.

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    That's why I'm more in-between.


    I actually WALK most of the time unless otherwise needed (cover to cover or something) since I know if I'm sprinting around all over, I'm sure to eventually run right past one of those corner campers who will proceed to play Pictionary with his gun using my back. At the same time, I know if I stay in one spot too long, then I'll either be overwhelmed by a mob or one of those rushers with fast enough reflexes will end up popping out in front of me and taking a peek inside my skull after carving it open with his gun/knife.


    But when walking, I usually have enough space between me and a magically-appearing rushian (lol) to take him out before he can get me (gun battle or knifing me in a rush) and I can usually catch sight of a camper and either round on them fast enough to kill them or back out before they can pop my head like a balloon.


    And I usually walk around EXPECTING either things; a rusher suddenly rounding a corner, coming through the door, etc, or a camper sitting around the corner, sitting in the room, etc, so if I do come across one, the surprise is far less effective, if it works at all.

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    rush on TDM and KC

    camp/rush on domination and S&D


    when your rushing you have a better "element of surprise" then the person that's camping. There's the smart way to rush and there's stupid wayt to rush. Camping or being tactical is when your guarding a flag or a bomb sight.