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Anticipated Fame looking for new members, any dedicated players looking for a team.

Anticipated Fame is a new competive gaming team, that is has it sights on going to the top, by hardwork, gunskills, and dedication. We will be looking to recruit more members in the near future, but we only take most dedicated players on this team. We will working with, for you, and do what we got to do to get to the top. Want in?


Check out our youtube channel and subscribe, we will be add content 3 or more pices of content a week. Add aF Umbra for more details.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y8YVyNJkOE&context=C45cb883ADvjVQa1PpcFMOyuL-shD 7x7dM4hm_wD7vvB0Rt8StP4g=